Geek Art: ‘Repurposed Thrift Art’ Series by Dave Pollot Art

‘Repurposed Thrift Art’ series by Dave Pollot Art. We’ve seen a similar series where an artist takes an existing painting and brings it back to life by adding a geeky touch. You can also check out, David Irvine (Artist Turns Old Thrift Store Paintings Into Geeky Masterpieces). 

Below are some of Pollot’s creations:

Which one grabbed your attention?

I’m definitely going to need more wall space. Prints are available for $15 each or $45 for a bundle at his Etsy store.

If you enjoy Dave Pollot Art work, check out his website to see more of this series and his other work: Facebook| Instagram | Twitter | Website 

Artist Turns Old Thrift Store Paintings Into Geeky Masterpieces

Night on the Town

Night on the Town

How much fun is this series?

I love seeing what artist come up with. In his latest series, “Re-Directed Art,” artist David Irvine takes existing “boring” paintings that he finds at thrift stores and turns them into geeky masterpieces. Irvine adds his artistic touch and re-directs the focus of each painting by blending pop culture icons like Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Darth Vader, Spider-Man, Batman, and Slimer into the existing scenery.

Irvine will often imitate the style of the original painting he alters by using the same brushstrokes, coloring, and lighting. But sometimes, he’ll go the opposite direction to achieve a high contrast in imagery.

Irvine’s work is available for purchase on EtsyRedbubble, and Society6.

If you enjoy Irvine’s work, check out his website to see more of this series and his other work: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website

Which one is your favorite?

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32 Awesome World Cup 2014 Posters By Cristiano Siqueira

ESPN_2014 World Cup Poster (30)

I’m a HUGE fútbol geek!! Not only am I American, I am also Argentinean, Cuban, French, and Spaniard. On top of that, my brother-in-law is Portuguese and my cousin is Italian. In my family, we take the World Cup seriously. :)

ESPN commissioned Brazilian artist and graphic designer Cristiano Siqueira to create 32 awesome national team posters (33 including the trophy) in celebration of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. 

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[Via ESPN Media Zone]