Funny Pop Culture Characters Business Cards


What if your favorite pop culture characters changed careers or lost their jobs? Bruce Wayne would work in Lighting Solutions. Sauron can forge more rings. These fun business cards were created by Italian creatives Benedetto Papi and Edoardo Santamato of Invasione Creativa.

Which one is your favorite?

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Tom Hiddleston Recites Shakespeare In New Jaguar F-Type Coupe Commercial

The Art of Villainy

The sexy Tom Hiddleston reprised his villain role in the latest Jaguar F-Type coupe commercial titled,’The Art of Villainy.’ A continuation from the #GoodToBeBad ad campaign that aired during the Super Bowl.

In the opening scene, we hear a voiceover reciting Shakespeare’s Richard II, Act 2, Scene 1:

This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle, 
This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars, 
This other Eden, demi-paradise, 
This fortress built by Nature for herself 
Against infection and the hand of war

Hiddleston begins, “They say Brits play the best villains, but what makes a great villain?”:

‘Firstly, you need to sound distinct. To speak with an eloquence that lets everyone know who’s in charge. A villain should have style. A suit should always be bespoke, razor-sharp like your wit. It’s important that a villain has the means to stay one step ahead. World domination starts with an attention to detail. Take this tiny switch for example, it changes everything.’

Now brace yourselves, Hiddleston continues the Richard II, Act 2, Scene 1 speech, that was cut short in the opening scene:

This happy breed of men, this little world,
This precious stone set in the silver sea,
Against the envy of less happier lands,
This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England.

It’s all mine!

The man can read me the phone book and I would be enthralled. :)

Check out the commercial below:

Sound Like A Villain:

Drive Like A Villain:

Dress Like A Villain:

Plan Like A Villain:

Behind the scenes shot the my Jaguar shoot with Tom Hiddleston6

Behind the scenes shot from the Jaguar shoot with Tom Hiddleston5

Behind the scenes shot from the Jaguar shoot with Tom Hiddleston2

Behind the scenes shot from the Jaguar shoot with Tom Hiddleston3

Behind the scenes shot from the Jaguar shoot with Tom Hiddleston4

Hey, You Guys! Richard Donner Says ‘Goonies’ Sequel Is Happening


Hey, You Guys!

Rumors of a ‘Goonies’ sequel have been floating around for years, but director Richard Donner confirmed to TMZ that a ‘Goonies’ sequel to his classic 1985 movie ‘The Goonies’ is happening.


Asked if he was considering in doing another comic book movie, Donner said, “If you call ‘Goonies’ a comic book. We’re doing a sequel.”

Asked if any of the stars will return for the sequel, he responded, “Hopefully, all of them.”

The original movie starred Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Jeff Cohen, Corey Feldman, Kerri Green, Martha Plimpton, Jonathan Ke Quan, John Matuszak, Robert Davi, Anne Ramsey, and Joe Pantoliano. Unfortunately, both John Matuszak (Sloth) and Anne Ramsey (Mama Fertelli) have since passed away.


“It will happen,” Donner said. “I’m 1000 percent certain there will be a sequel. I will bet my children on it.”

Here’s the video:

Badass Optimus Prime Statue by Prime 1 Studio

Optimus Prime Statue by Prime 1 Studio

This statue of Optimus Prime is freaking amazing!! The statue comes at a hefty price, but Sideshow Collectibles does offer monthly payments. :)

Sideshow Collectibles and Prime 1 Studio are proud to announce the Optimus Prime Transformers Statue from the smash film, Transformers: Dark of the Moon. As the dedicated leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, springs into action against the Decepticons to protect all life. Featuring impressively detailed weaponry including his right and left energy swords, Mega Striker, Energy Axe, and Valiant Shield.  Plus, with two specially crafted heads, LED light-up features, you won’t want to miss out on one of Earth’s greatest heroes.

Optimus Prime Statue by Prime 1 Studio – $2,299.99

Size: 27.6″ H (701.04mm) x 21.7″ W (551.18mm)

Optimus Prime Statue by Prime 1 Studio6

Optimus Prime Statue by Prime 1 Studio4

Optimus Prime Statue by Prime 1 Studio5

Optimus Prime Statue by Prime 1 Studio2

Optimus Prime Statue by Prime 1 Studio3


Optimus Prime Statue by Prime 1 Studio7

Marriage Proposal During Matt Smith and Karen Gillan Photo Op At Louisville Wizard World


Epic geeky marriage proposal!

During a photo op with former Doctor Who stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, a man proposed to his girlfriend.

Did she say yes? Check out the video below: