Super-Flamands Photo Series By Sacha Goldberger

Super-Flamands Series By Sacha Goldberger (20)

(All Photos Belong To Sacha Goldberger)

I’ve been a fan of Sacha Goldberger’s photography for a couple of years now. It all started with hi s Mamika series. Mamika is a fun photo series he did with his grandmother dressed as a Superhero. If you haven’t seen it, go check it out

Goldberger’s latest series is titled “Super-Flamands (aka Super Flemish),” which is absolutely brilliant, he asks “What if Superheroes and Disney Princesses were born in the 16th century?, What if the Hulk was Duke?, and What if Jan van Eyck had done the portrait of Snow White?” With that, Goldberger photographed each character by using the same techniques of Flemish masters. Check it out!

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(All Photos Belong To Sacha Goldberger)

[Photos via Goldberger’s Facebook Page and CopyPasteRepost]

Watch Photographer Blair Bunting Experience The G-Force Of An F-16


What an awesome experience! This is probably the closest thing I’ll get to flying in an F-16. 

Advertising Photographer Blair Bunting, had the opportunity to photograph the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds newly painted F-16, at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona.

F-16 fighter jet photographed by Blair Bunting

© Blair Bunting – U.S. Air Force Thunderbird F-16 jet.

Not only did Blair get to photograph the above plane, he was offered a chance to ride along in the backseat of one of their F-16 jets.


Ever wondered what 9 G’s feels like, here it is:

Firstly, in no way is it comfortable, not even close. I began to feel my face melting away as the skin in my cheeks pulled down to my mouth. The color from my vision was the next thing to fade away, first the reds, then the greens. Squeezing like hell, I did everything I could to get air into my lungs as the G-suit wrenched it out. With all the color of a 1950′s television set, the next thing I noticed was that waves were starting to develop in my vision and a vignette appeared. All the while I am listening to the pilot’s breathing and trying my hardest to match it.

At any point I could relax and immediately be unconscious, only to wake up and wonder where I am, but I had trained too hard to let this happen. Then, just as G’s set had set in, they began to leave and normalcy appeared. However, if I were to relax at that point, the blood would leave my brain too fast and knock me out as well, so I continually squeeze as the G’s lift and my body slowly returns to what sanity it had left.

Read more about his experience flying in an F-16 on his blog.

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Here’s the video. Enjoy!


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The Abandoned Cinema That Was Built In The Middle Of The Sinai Desert Has Been Destroyed


Last month I posted about the “Abandoned Outdoor Cinema Discovered in the Middle of the Sinai Desert” and today I found out that it has been destroyed. It’s a shame that this happened. According to Noha Zayed on her Facebook Page, she decided to find the site using the coordinates 27°57’45.8″N 34°15’13.9″E:

“So we decided to find and visit “The cinema at the end of the world”. Upon arriving at the site we thought we got our coordinates wrong. The chairs were all knocked down as if on purpose. The place has been shattered, leveled and destroyed; the site disintegrated. It was quite a disappointment. Sorry to burst the bubble.”

The only thing that remains are the wooden seats and backs. It looks like the metal supports were stripped for scrap metal. No one knows who is responsible for the destruction. 

The Cinema At The End Of The World

The Cinema At The End Of The World2

The Cinema At The End Of The World3


[Via Messy Nessy Chic | Photos Via Noha Zayed]

Abandoned Outdoor Cinema Discovered in the Middle of the Sinai Desert


The ‘End of the World’ cinema, located in the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. (Photographed by Kaupo Kikkas)

Estonian photographer Kaupo Kikkas, discovered an abandoned outdoor cinema in the middle of the Sinai desert in Egypt. According to the stories told to Kikkas, the outdoor cinema was built over a decade ago by a wealthy Frenchman Dynn Eadel, who thought it was a brilliant location for a cinema. In Cairo, Eadel bought 150 wooden chairs and a projector from an old theatre. He hauled in a generator for electricity and a tractor to pull up a giant screen.

Unfortunately, the local authority weren’t to thrilled about Eadel’s idea. On the night of the premiere, everything went wrong. The generator mysteriously failed to work. To this day, not a single film has been screened at this “End of the World Cinema.”

I love abandoned and urban decay photography, and have created my series of photos. I will be adding this location to my list to photograph.

To see more of Kikkas work, visit his website.


The ‘End of the World’ cinema, located in the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. (Photographed by Kaupo Kikkas)


The ‘End of the World’ cinema, located in the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. (Photographed by Kaupo Kikkas)


The ‘End of the World’ cinema, located in the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. (Photographed by Kaupo Kikkas)

Abandoned theater

Satellite image from Google Maps (27°57’45.8″N 34°15’13.9″E)

Here is the original flyer for the outdoor cinema, La Tête dans Les Etoiles (via MessyNessyChic):

Outdoor Cinema in Sinai Desert

[Via My Modern Met]

‘Game of Thrones’ Cast Graces The Cover Of Vanity Fair

Game of Thrones_Vanity Fair

The latest Vanity Fair cover features five of the sexiest cast members of ‘Game of Thrones': Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen), Lena Headey (Cersi Lannister), Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister), Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) and Kit Harrington (Jon Snow), photographed by the amazing Annie Leibovitz.

David Benioff and co-creator D. B. Weiss told Vanity Fair that the show has a lifespan and they would like to wrap up the show after seven or eight seasons. Weiss says, “It doesn’t just keep on going because it can. I think the desire to milk more out of it is what would eventually kill it, if we gave in to that.”

Peter Dinklage discusses what drew him to the character of Tyrion Lannister, “It just seemed like something I had never come across before, especially in the fantasy genre, which I still refuse to call this, even though we have dragons. It is just something that I was so eager to embrace, because it turned the dwarf stereotype in the fantasy genre on its head. And he’s a hero at the same time.” Dinklage continues, “Even in The Lord of the Rings, which I really loved—I loved those books as a child and I adore Peter Jackson’s movies—but there’s just that thing with the dwarf stuff. That’s complete fantasy. I had done The Chronicles of Narnia, with the long beard and all of that, because I definitely wanted to explore that and have an opinion of it from the inside, but I just feel like this character, Tyrion, was a complete human being. Shock!”

Check out Vanity Fair to read the rest of the article.

The new issue of Vanity Fair hits newsstands on March 13th.

Game of Thrones_Vanity Fair2

Behind-the-scenes footage from the photoshoot:

Cast Speaks Out: Who Should Sit on the Iron Throne?:

[Via Vanity Fair]