ICYMI: Simon Pegg To Co-Write ‘Star Trek 3′

Star Trek 3_Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg, who played Scotty in the last two ‘Star Trek’ films, is set to co-write ‘Star Trek 3′ along with Dark Blue creator Doug Jung.

Simon Pegg is no stranger to screenwriting. Pegg has previously co-written the Cornetto Trilogy (Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and World’s End) with director Edgar Wright.

Trekkies, what do you think?

‘Star Trek 3′ is set for release on July 8, 2016.

Roberto Orci Has Completed The First Draft For ‘Star Trek 3′


Director Roberto Orci confirmed (via Trekmovie.com) that he and co-writers Patrick McKay and J.D. Payne finished the first draft:

“p & m & I wrote, ‘fade out’ yesterday on first draft. things are moving.”

“First draft is done.”

This will be Orci directorial debut with the next ‘Star Trek’ film, aka the 13th Star Trek film. 

‘Star Trek 3′ is expected to open in theaters in 2016. In time for the franchise’s 50th birthday.

Geek Art: Captain Kirk and Spock Pop Art Posters

Star Trek Pop Art_Illustrated by Kevin Keeton

Fun looking posters. Love the added touch of the glasses! :) 

Illustrated by Kevin Keeton. Both prints are available for purchase on his Etsy store. 

The posters come in four different sizes:

  • A5 15cm × 21 cm (Medium) £12.99
  • A4 21cm × 30 cm (Large) £12.99
  • A3 30cm × 42 cm (X-Large) £12.99
  • A2 42cm x 60 cm (XX-Large) £29.99

Star Trek Pop Art_Captain Kirk_Illustrated by Kevin Keeton Star Trek Pop Art_Spock_Illustrated by Kevin Keeton

Happy 83rd Birthday, Leonard Nimoy!!


Leonard Nimoy turns 83 today!

I grew up watching Star Trek with my mom and my brother. Nimoy has always been one of my many favorite actor/artist, from his photography work to his role as Spock in TOS. I mean, how can you not be a fan of his?

The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins:


Fascinating is a word I use for the unexpected. In this case, I should think “interesting” would suffice.
-Spock in ‘The Squire of Gothos’

Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song – Alternate version with Leonard Nimoy:

I have never understood the female capacity to avoid a direct answer to any question.

-Spock, Star Trek: The Original Series, “This Side of Paradise

” I have been – and always shall be – your friend”:

Nowhere am I so desperately needed as among a shipload of illogical humans.

-Spock in “I, Mudd‘”

Happy Birthday, Leonard Nimoy!! LLAP