Darth Vader’s “A Look Back” Facebook Video

YouTube user Joshua Dill has created “A Look Back” parody video for Star Wars villain Darth Vader. The video starts off with Star Wars iconic opening sequence phrase, ‘A long time ago in a galaxy far, faraway,’ followed by photos of Anakin Skywalker as a child on Tatooine to Lord Vader’s most liked posts.

Lord Vader’s most liked statuses:

Darth Vader’s %22A Look Back%22 Facebook Video

Darth Vader’s %22A Look Back%22 Facebook Video2

Darth Vader’s %22A Look Back%22 Facebook Video3

Photos highlights include Anakin ‘slayin’ jedi,’ choke holds, lightsaber battles and more.

Darth Vader’s %22A Look Back%22 Facebook Video4“Slayin’ jedi. Darkside FTW!!!”

Darth Vader’s %22A Look Back%22 Facebook Video5



Walter White’s ‘A Look Back’ Facebook Video


For their 10th anniversary, Facebook created ‘A Look Back’ personal retrospective video, that recaps your greatest moments on Facebook since joining. YouTube users Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues, created ‘A Look Back’ parody video for Breaking Bad’s character Walter White.

The video includes a photo of the RV, captioned “Got a sweet new ride! Life is a highway” with 25 likes. Another photo included White’s alter ego Heisenberg, captioned “Bought a hat and sunglasses today! #YOLO” with 32 likes.

Check it out: