WGGs Geeky Finds: Tolkien Wedding Cake, Joker Cosplay, George R.R. Martin’s Letter, & More

Welcome to We Geek Girls (WGGs) “Geeky Finds,” where we share all things geeky, from collectibles, geeky apparel, videos, and more.

The Iron Shoes:

Created by Nixxi Rose. These high heels were inspired by the Iron Throne from the Game of Thrones seriesLearn how to make your own Iron Shoes here.

This beautiful custom designed Tolkien wedding cake was created by Bake My Cake.

Princesses Can Pew! Pew! Too by Walmazan:

Available at Shirt Woot! for $15.

Princesses Can Pew! Pew! T-Shirt

Giant Duff Beer Pong with Pitbull:

Jimmy Fallon challenged my boy Pitbull to a game of “Giant Duff Beer Pong.”

Amazing! “The Killing Joke Tribute” by cosplayer Anthony Misiano. Autographed posters are available for purchase on his website for $16.

The Killing Joke Tribute by cosplayer Anthony Misiano

Star Wars (Guardians of the Galaxy Style!)

George R.R. Martin’s letter to Marvel:

George RR Martin's Letter to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Via Marvel

Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block:

I need this. 🙂 The perfect gift for any Star Wars fan. Pre-order now for £69.99/$118.87 at The Fowndry.





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