Supernatural: I’ll see you on the road

Hello readers and, hopefully, fellow SUPERNATURAL fans!


Welcome to our FIRST, EVER, SUPERNATURAL post!!!!


You may be asking yourselves “What in the name of Bobby Singer (my fav character) has taken so long?” and I am about to tell you that story!

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Years ago, I was a late twentysomething who had just gotten a modest place of her own. I wasn’t sure how long I’d be there so I got by on the data plan of my phone and little else as far as browsing or streaming goes.

A friend of mine had given me Season 1, I watched it, really enjoyed it but had no way of watching the rest of the seasons (I do believe this was before Netflix streaming) and it just kind of faded. (Present day me just let out a giant *gasp* on that one because she can’t imagine it EVER fading).

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Fast forward to January of this year. I was at an event called #heartcamp18 (for more on that post check out the Beyond Our Front Door Tab) when I met a woman named Karla Truxall. Her story can be found in the book I’ll mention and link later on but she and I briefly discussed Supernatural and she encouraged me to get back in to if I could. She explained to me that the fandom around the show, #SPNFamily, was like no other and that I seemed like the kind of person that would flow right into it.

I was intrigued and I kept what Karla said in the back of my mind for a few months longer.

Around April I remembered that another person that I was fond of, author Gail Z. Martin, had picked up the show a few years before and never turned back. She spoke of it often and just about the time I remembered that, she tagged me in the announcement of the Charlotte/Concord Supernatural Convention.

It was then I told myself to add it to my Netflix queue and give Karla’s request some gravity.

Guess what folks? I’ve been binging it almost every night since then. Now, there were a few gaps with other conventions, travel and work BUT I am up to Season 11 and completely obsessed with the show.



The accounts of both Karla and Gail prepared me to look deeper into each episode’s meaning but I didn’t have to because that is just the way it is written. To say it is about more than monster hunting would be a colossal understatement. It is teeming with rich, deep emotion and powerful themes, acted out brilliantly.

This deeper meaning led me to purchase Family Don’t End With Blood




The incredible introduction by Lynn Zubernis let me know that I was in exactly the right place and that I would find kindred souls within these pages. I mean, I had fallen for these characters, this family business, the struggle, the good fight, the mission, all of it.



Fandom can be one of two things, a lonely island or tribe that greets you with arms wide open. I think you already know which I found here!


I started with Karla’s story. It is heartbreaking, powerful and beautiful. It really helped set the tone for what I would find as I continued to turn the pages.

Immediately, I appreciated the vulnerability in each chapter. The thing I love about fandom is that it takes us as we are and brings out our very best (or at least that’s my experience with it).

As essay after essay passed, I was more inspired and more excited about the show, it’s talent and the fellow fans that are out there.


Baby and I at HeroesCon 2018

Months passed before I could commit to attending the #SPNCC but I was happily able to work it out.

A small group of local fans recently started talking about dressing up for the Con. GiGi and I always talk about dressing up but usually end up wearing a fandom related t-shirt and some comfortable shoes (as we are more often than not, press). This time the wheels started turning a bit more than usual.

I’ve decided to make an attempt at something closely resembling cosplay but in no way as elaborate or detailed. I am not going to share what that will be until this weekend because I want to debut it there (hoping I have the courage to wear it).


And there it is gang!

I really wanted to get the show it’s own tab on the site because I am thrilled to now be a part of its fandom family. I am in too deep to do per-episode posts now, however, I will be re-watching it from the beginning in the future and will do that then.

In the meantime, stay tuned for a glimpse of Supernatural Con Charlotte this weekend as I will be posting from it on the @WeGeekGirls Instagram as often as I can.

If you are attending the convention, please come and say hello!




Keep calm and carry on,



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