The Summer of 2019

Greetings True Believers!


Welcome to the Summer of 2019 and also our first post THIS YEAR!!!


I know, I know, it was hard for us to believe too.


With our social media feeds being highly/regularly visited, and frankly, easier to provide consistent content with, GiGi and I took the first half of the year to really look at what we wanted to bring back to the blog…and that meant taking a step back from it for a while.


The good news is, we are more committed than EVER to making WeGeekGirls the very best it can be and also a place that remains authentic to who we are and what we want to support.


All that being said, we will be working to archive some of the old stuff to make way for new and more streamlined posting, so, it may look a little busy around here for awhile 😉


Coming up, we have some great coverage from ConCarolinas and HeroesCon, NEW interviews with some really talented artist and several guest posts.


We love this community and are SO grateful for it’s continued support! We are going into the last half of 2019 with lots of ambition and HOPE!


Thanks, as always, for stopping by!





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