Comics: Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #10 Preview

Doctor Who: Twelfth Doctor #10

Writer: Robbie Morrison  Artist: Brian Williamson

Out July 29th

Thrillingly explosive action on the ’60s Las Vegas strip as the Doctor and Clara battle the mob AND an alien invasion force!

• The Doctor gambles with humanity – with the highest stakes and the longest odds!

• Has his morality been compromised – or has Clara’s?!

• Sharp fashions, sharp minds – sharper weapons!

Comics: Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #13 Preview

Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor #13

Writer: Nick Abadzis  Artist: Elena Casagrande

Out July 29th

Eisner award-winning writer Nick Abadzis (Laika) and fan-favorite Elena Casagrande (Suicide Risk) race the Tenth Doctor and Gabby towards the conclusion of Year One!

A terrifying pyramid has appeared in the skies above New York City, and it’s here to claim an ancient secret – buried in the body of a very-much alive movie star!

As the Doctor attempts to unravel the conflict, Gabby and Cindy’s friendship is stretched to breaking point. Has Gabby changed too much in her short time away – or has she changed just enough to save the day?!

Comics: Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #3 Preview

Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #3

Writer: Cavan Scott  Artist: Blair Shedd

Out July 29th, priced $3.99

The hotly-anticipated Weapons of Past Destruction continues, as the Doctor, Rose and Jack are trapped in an alien bazaar, caught in a heavily-armed standoff between the overpowered Unon and the Lect – as the nearby star threatens to go supernova!

Comics: Titan Reveals All 19 Variant Covers For Doctor Who: The Four Doctors #1

Doctor Who: Four Doctors #1

This spectacular 5-part weekly comics series is penned by Paul Cornell (Wolverine) and illustrated by Neil Edwards (Assassin’s Creed), and stars the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors and their comics companions!

The first issue hits comic stores on Wednesday August 12, supported by Doctor Who Comics Day on Saturday August 15!

Click here for more information.

Comics: Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Vol.2 – The Weeping Angels Of Mons Preview

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Vol.2 – The Weeping Angels Of Mons

Writer: Robbie Morrison

Artist: Daniel Indro and Eleonora Carlini

Publisher: Titan Comics

Price: $19.99

Comic Store Release Date: July 22nd, 2015

The second collection of the sell-out smash new Tenth Doctor series, from award-winning writer Robbie Morrison and Daniel Indro and Eleonora Carlini, sends the Doctor and new companion Gabriella Gonzalez hurtling back into the past – and into the trenches of World War One!

Bombed by the German artillery, arrested as spies by the British, Gabby and the Doctor soon learn that there’s something even worse moving in the gas and wreathes of smoke out in No Man’s Land… stone statues who move only when you’re not looking at them! The Weeping Angels have come to feed on the futures of young soldiers — in their hundreds of thousands!

It’s an unmissable historical epic!