Tiesta Tea: Spread the Warmth

Just over a year ago, my friend Lancie and I were headed to the mountains for a weekend relaxer. She arrived, as usual, bearing a little thoughtful gift. The first was a travel thermos with infuser attachment and the second was two tins of Tiesta (loose leaf) Tea. One was a red tin full of … Continue reading Tiesta Tea: Spread the Warmth


Hogwarts Running Club:4 houses, one mission

As a second year...(or last 1/2 of 1st) It is HIGH time I tell you about a little (ok, BIG) group of brilliance I stumbled upon over the Summer of 2015... The Hogwarts Running Club is a virtual running club created by fans to help promote healthy activities (walking, running, cycling), feed the fandom need … Continue reading Hogwarts Running Club:4 houses, one mission