Tiesta Tea: Spread the Warmth

Just over a year ago, my friend Lancie and I were headed to the mountains for a weekend relaxer. She arrived, as usual, bearing a little thoughtful gift. The first was a travel thermos with infuser attachment and the second was two tins of Tiesta (loose leaf) Tea. One was a red tin full of the energizer blend Passion Berry Jolt and the second was a yellow tin full of the Immunity blend Kiwi Cherry Bonaza . We were both feeling the beginnings of winter crud so I was excited about the idea of having some new tasty tea to keep us comforted while on our trip.


Little did I know that this introduction would lead to a LOVE AFFAIR with not only the tea (and it really is very good) but also the company itself.

A few months after that mountain trip, I was staying with my parents and again felt the “cruds” coming on. Remembering the soothing aroma and refreshing taste of the immunity blend, I went to my local grocery and found Fireberry. Not only did it provide the same comfort as KCB, I believe it really helped me kick the crud faster (it’s also my Dad’s go to tea now).


Over the next few months I had eventually tried every variety that they had at that grocery store (which at the time wasn’t many).

I’m not sure why it took me so long to Google the company but I have never been more glad that I did.

Tiesta Tea

cover image

If you followed the link to their website, you read that they started in a very unique way. I was drawn to that and very quickly found myself following them on Facebook and Twitter.

By following them there, I realized their passion starts with tea but goes way beyond it

We believe in the power of loose tea, but more importantly, the power of people. We deeply care all the people we work with and work for. We want nothing more than to empower our people to be the best people they can be. We believe in providing our people with something that will improve their quality of life. We believe in working hard for our people. We believe in learning from our people. Most of all, we believe in always providing our people with a product that is nothing less than our best. Because after all, you are our people.

Part of the reason I placed them in the So Much Good category was what I read in their blog for the new year.



In addition to those AMAZING things, Tiesta Tea is also hitting the streets in their city (Chicago) to Spread the Warmth. This Friday, Jan. 22nd, volunteers from Tiesta will be passing out hot tea, hot sandwiches and a care package to those in need…

Tiesta Tea GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The Tiesta Tea motto is Drink Loose/Live Loose and the idea behind Spread the Warmth is that a little loose change, will go a long way! I couldn’t agree more!!!

If you are in the Chicago area and would like to help out, please visit



***Chicago is not my home city (I live in Charlotte, NC) but I love the hearts of the Tiesta crew so much I decided I’d make a few hats for them to put in the care packages.***


The loose change project inspired me to spread the warmth on an even deeper level, so I am starting with telling you about Tiesta Tea. It isn’t every day that a company grows by building up the people around it. That should be applauded.

If you are a tea drinker, I promise you that you will find comfort in one (or more, way more) of the selections of tea they offer and be able to feel the love in every cup brewed!


Victorian Earl Grey from my personal loose stash!



Until next time,

Live, Love and Drink Loose,



***all photos except the last one were courtesy of Tiesta Tea***



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