Product Review: 27oz Bottles from A Sticky Obsession

At the end of last year we were excited to hear the news that our friend a A Sticky Obsession was going to start offering a new product. You see, we have his custom decals EVERYWHERE and just when we were running out of room, he started offering 30oz Customizable SIC Tumblers. We got our … Continue reading Product Review: 27oz Bottles from A Sticky Obsession

The Bradshaw Challenge: MEGA POST

  HEEEELLLOOOOOO!!! If you clicked to open this link then THANK YOU for not giving up on me! I really have enjoyed this project but, as you can see, sometimes the real world just won't stop hassling me 😉 I kid, I love my jobs, I really do... When I am not blogging, reading, watching, … Continue reading The Bradshaw Challenge: MEGA POST

The Bradshaw Challenge: Fitness

I originally decided to #wearit today and posted a photo of my newly acquired fitness tracker…thinking that it fit the bill for the prompt… Then I read Lizzie’s post and realized there was something I was leaving out.   Mental/emotional/spiritual fitness…powerful We’ve come far enough as a society to talk about things like … Continue reading The Bradshaw Challenge: Fitness