The Force Actually

Hello There and Happy Star Wars Day!!

GiGi and I are very much hoping that you all are not only enjoying your May the Fourth but that you’ve been enjoying a Star Wars filled week, containing all of your favorite things from a galaxy far away!!

Being fresh off season 3 of The Mandalorian and with ALL of the Star Wars Celebration content/news there has certainly been/will be more than enough to keep the conversations going for months/years to come!! I think that is one of the things we love the most about this fandom, in particular…It’s organic (alive), thriving and bringing together new fans as well as long timers. It’s been a ton of fun to watch that come alive on the screen in various way also!

Personally, I spent last weekend playing through the Return of the Jedi arc in Lego: The Skywalker Saga with my nephew and I’ve have been slowly making my way through the animated SW Universe. Having just started season 7 of The Clone Wars I’ve now met the The Bad Batch and can (finally 😉) start that series next!!

My SW wardrobe line up this week 😉

In the vein of celebrating Star Wars today AND some of our favorite things, we wanted to introduce you all to a really talented friend of ours, Steve Berry aka @RobotWig on the socials, who creates the most incredible fandom photographs featuring related toys and miniatures.

Steve’s photographic adventures are a culmination of over 20 years of experience in the creative industry and all of that time, passion and attention to detail are evident in each and everything he shares! We’ve been fans of his for a long time and always look forward to his posts.

The catalog of creation is extensive, can be found on RobotWig! Here are a few, on theme, favorites to wet the appetite!

Isn’t it AMAZING!?!?

On social media, you will also get behind the scenes shots of some of the images Steve shares and it’s there where, we believe, you can begin to see what a labor of love this kind of creation really is!! If you like what you see, please give him a follow and circle back and let us know some of your favorites, be it this fandom or one of the other ones!

The Force, actually is, all around us…May you find it today and always ❤


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