Moody Days in Hollow Bay

Working two jobs (and endeavoring to write more) doesn't, on the surface, leave much room for a great deal of other things (especially reading) most days but, thankfully, there is enough routine (a nice way of saying monotony) in one of my jobs that it's created a nice opening for me to both exclude myself … Continue reading Moody Days in Hollow Bay


We were ABSOLUTELY supposed to be here today!

It's no question (or surprise) that around here, we are fans first, but it means a great deal to us when we are able to bring worlds together by speaking directly to the creative talent(s) involved with the projects that make us fans in the first place. We shared with you earlier this week about … Continue reading We were ABSOLUTELY supposed to be here today!

Alpha Dogs

Woooooo hooooo hoooooo hoooooooooooo!!! After weeeeeeeks of very Eyore(ish) creative flow, a few of those vibrant Tigger vibes found me and I'm ready to write!! First up, I'm sharing a project that Jon Dexter (@realALPHADOGS) sent over to us. His comic book project Alpha Dogs launches it's crowdfunding campaign today and he wanted us to … Continue reading Alpha Dogs