Alpha Dogs

Woooooo hooooo hoooooo hoooooooooooo!!!

After weeeeeeeks of very Eyore(ish) creative flow, a few of those vibrant Tigger vibes found me and I’m ready to write!!

First up, I’m sharing a project that Jon Dexter (@realALPHADOGS) sent over to us.

His comic book project Alpha Dogs launches it’s crowdfunding campaign today and he wanted us to have a first look!

Alpha Dogs, as the name implies, is the story of some very extraordinary K9s, who’s coveted special powers, force our main characters (Buck and Cyrus) into a life of running/hiding, protected by their caregiver Ina…

Who, unfortunately places her trust in the WRONG guy…The quest for love…It’s a battlefield!

As with most great power, it will be sought after by those with sinister ambitions. For our main pup, that means those quiet days on the front porch in the country won’t last.

Who is Ina and how did Buck and Cyrus end up in her care?

What powers do these dogs actually posses and why is their blood so special?

Who is after it and to what lengths will they go to get it?

Well, we will have to read them and find out, won’t we!?

Click here to support the project!

Jon was also kind enough to answer a few of our questions so that we can get to know him a little.

How long have you been writing comics?

I began writing screenplays at 15 years old. After a lot of starts and stops I decided to develop ALPHA DOGS into a comic book since it was better suited for that medium and I have been a comic fan since I became obsessed with the X-Men cartoon in 1993. I developed ALPHA DOGS over the course of 6 years. First writing it as comic but after funding fell through, I rewrote the story into a novel. After learning of Kickstarter’s success with getting comics produced, I knew right away that was the route wanted to take.

Why dogs and are any of them inspired by any you own?

I have always had a soft spot for dogs. They are called man’s best friend for a reason. You’ll never find a more loving and loyal creature. The hero of the comic, Buck is inspired by my own pit bull mix, Pig. It bothered me that pit bulls have been saddled with the reputation of being dangerous dogs. I believe it is how you raise a dog that determines their personality and not their breed. I created Buck in the same vein as Casper the Friendly Ghost and Frankenstein. Beings that are feared due to their looks but are friendly and lonely beings that only wish for companionship.

Are there any other project in the works?

My next comic after ALPHA DOGS issue 3 is my limited series DIME-STORE DETECTIVE. The comic is best described as IT meets TRUE DETECTIVE. A serial killer grabs the attention of a Georgia detective by displaying his victim at the same spot the detective’s father and uncle buried bodies 40 years ago.

We’d like to thank Jon for thinking of WeGeekGirls when he wanted to get the word out about his project!

Jon, we wish you the best of luck with this campaign and I, personally, think your next one sounds like a lot of fun to read also!

Keep creating!!!!



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