Rule #32 – Enjoy the Little Things

Helllllllooooooooooooo friends, readers, pals…FANtastic community!!!!

I hope that you will indulge me in a very heartfelt post, after an unintentionally long hiatus.

Tears are already filling my eyes as I begin this because the feeling I was absolutely hoping/praying for is with me…My heart is here.

It would take a very long time to tell you all the story in it’s entirety and while I know I (we) have the support and space for it, I will keep it much more brief.

We Geek Girls started as a place for GiGi and I to share our common interests and quickly became a labor of love for the both of us. The connections we made both online and in person at conventions near and far put so much wind in our sails. As you all know, the fandom community is incredible. We planned, dreamed, planned and dreamed some more. Those dreams, in many ways, saved us, for a really long time.

Try as we might, the dreams got lost in the mist between hope and unmet expectations. Like loads of other content creators, we don’t get paid for this and at some point, we had to begin to choose between what we wanted to build and what we had to do live life.

It looked a bit different for me and it’s here I’ll stop speaking for GiGi because she is the one who has kept this ship afloat and this space saved in my absence (thank you, my dear friend). One of the greatest dreams I’ve had for this space is to create as much original content as we share the content of others. I tried and had a very good run at it, for a while.

I can’t point to the moment, exactly, but eventually I knew my heart wasn’t in it anymore. Not because I didn’t love it here and love you all but because I had something going on, on the inside that needed work, deep work and sadly, it took putting this down for a bit to do it.

Fast forward, because I don’t really need to speak to the past couple of years for the world as a whole, so I won’t but I will say that my personal journey made my world quite a bit smaller and in that small yet very safe and supportive space, I found deep/profound healing…the kind of healing that has let me know that all parts of me need to be loved/nurtured and that what I bring to the table is enough, because it’s me bringing it to the table.

Although never perfect, the pressure I use to put on myself isn’t there anymore because I found the JOY in being and working to hold on to that feeling makes everything a little easier (as is no longer comparing myself to anyone else).

I am re-sharing the featured image again as I have been typing for a while and I want to bring this train to the station.

These are a few trinkets I acquired last week from GiGi. It’s not unusual for us to exchange gifts, as we have done that for years but I had to marvel at them all the same because they are the tiny representations of something far, far greater. Optimus Prime, Blue and Cera make smile ridiculously, not just because I am a fan but because of the one who gave them to me.

Our friendship has gone through many phases since we first met and we have been through A LOT together…

And I’m crying again…it isn’t just a friendship, is a soul sisterhood, a kindred bond that turned two girls with a love of fandom/photography into a real life Sam and Frodo. We use to spend hours binge watching shows or movies, laughing and cutting up (and we do still do that) but also nurture all the other parts of what makes us who we are…that’s powerful and inspiring.

That inspiration brought me back here, heart/soul in tow to re-connect with all of you! I’ve been holding this in for days because I really wanted the blog to have a fresh look before I posted again…but I am not very savvy with it, yet 😉 At any rate, the freshness will come, along with NEW posts where GiGi and I continue to geek out with all of you in this next phase of We Geek Girls.

Thank you all, from my whole heart, for all the support, 9 years and counting,

❤ CC


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