Product Review: 27oz Bottles from A Sticky Obsession

At the end of last year we were excited to hear the news that our friend a A Sticky Obsession was going to start offering a new product. You see, we have his custom decals EVERYWHERE and just when we were running out of room, he started offering 30oz Customizable SIC Tumblers. We got our hands on one as soon as we could and were thrilled with the result.


Then, about a month ago we were sent over a brand new 27oz Bottle in order to conduct a review on a new product. SIC cups come with a lifetime guarantee in general but we were asked to put it’s claims to the test.

Here is what was on the package:

  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Double Wall Stainless Steel
  • Copper Lining for maximum temp retention
  • Vacuum Insulation
  • Carabiner Lid
  • Up to 24hr Ice Cold
  • Up to 8 Hours Piping Hot



We dove right in to the challenge of testing the bottle by taking it on long hike. GiGi, preferring things on the cold side had ice in her bottle, while I opted for cold water from the fountain. It was incredibly HOT this day so we were anxious to see how the water would fair.

GiGi decided to carry her bottle for quick access and I clipped mine to my day pack, mostly to test the carabiner lid.

We hiked a total of 5 miles that day and had water in the bottles for about 6 hours total. GiGi still had ice in her bottle and my remained nice an cool even though the temperature outside pushed 100 degrees. It wasn’t quite a 24 hour period but given the outdoor/temperature conditions, we thought it an accurate test.

Although a tad heavier than carrying a plastic bottle, I found that once clipped to my bag, the bottle provided welcome refreshment when water breaks came. For day hikes, I think it a little extra weight worth the carry. The clip on the lid is easy to use and sturdy, including staying place during a fall that I took.


Last weekend I took a camping trip with some friends of mine and once again packed the 27oz bottle.

***I don’t recommend needing the bottle for this reason BUT it worked nicely while securing our tent stakes and took little to no visible damage to it’s copper lined, stainless steel, powder coated body ;p

A more accurate account of the bottle keeping it’s contents cold was gained during that trip as we had a fresh, cold water source and a cooler full of ice. Staying hydrated is a must so the bottle was always full of cool water and it remained cool the entire weekend and we were outside the entire time, day/night. At home I drink room temp water most of the time but upon waking up to 90 degree mornings, the cold water was welcome.

Just short of putting a piece of ice in the bottle and leaving it for 24hours, I’d say I believe it can support it’s claims of keeping a beverage ice cold!!



Now, the test of the heat retention came about by complete accident. One morning before work, I filled it with coffee, not pipping hot as I don’t enjoy burning my tongue, but hot enough. Once I got to work I took a few sips and set it in my cabinet. The entire day got away from me and I did not pick it back up until the end of it…just about 8hrs later. The coffee was still the exact same temperature as it was that morning, not kidding. I am betting I have the vacuum seal lid to thank for that 😉

And speaking of the lid, it makes the bottle completely spill proof which has truly made it a daily use bottle for me. I miss my 30oz cup some days but as someone who knocks things over often, especially in my car, I NEED a bottle like this.

It’s more than safe to say at this point that this 27oz SIC Bottle gets our seal of approval! \

In addition to all of the qualities and benefits listed above, by ordering from our friend at A Sticky Obsession you can get it personalized with a custom decal, which I am going to do with mine as soon as I finish this post!

Get yours today, enjoy a continuously hot/cold beverage and show us how you get yours customized!!








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