The Stained Glass Brilliance of Geek Orthodox

I’m very excited to introduce to Tammy and Ian Leino with you all, as sharing our adoration for their work has been LONG over due!

GiGi was the one who introduced me to the incredible work of Geek Orthodox several years ago by gifting me my first window cling, The Prancing Pony. I knew exactly where it was going to go, in my kitchen window, just above my sink so that I could look at it every, single, day…

The only thing that eclipses its very well-crafted beauty is the amount of joy it’s brought me to be able to see the sunshine through it more days than I don’t. A happy place in my home, to be sure!

In the years that followed this gift, I have purchased numerous clings as gifts for others and also added my beloved Hogwart’s House (Hufflepuff) to the very same window.

The view from my kitchen every morning!

In addition to the spectacular, vibrantly colored design, the clings themselves are very easy to apply to the windowpane, any bubbles smooth out nicely and if one follows the instructions, they can seamlessly be reapplied when desired.

This year, they have made several commemorative pieces for the conventions they are attending. Here is the one from GenCon this year!

There is also one for DragonCon 2022 (limit of 50 per day) and they are on the first floor of the vendors hall, BOOTH 1616, so if you are there, be sure to go by there and say hello!

Geek Orthodox can also be found at New York Comic Con in October!

In the in between time, the website is always available for browsing and any shipping details (or delays) will be mentioned at the top! Having ordered from them many times, I can tell you firsthand that my pieces have been shipped in a timely manner and Ian is always very communicative to ensure the upmost customer service!

@geekorthodoxart on Facebook and Instagram

Have a great weekend ALL!


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