This IS Halloween

Welcome to OCTOBER…well, almost 😉

What better way to end my (CC’s) birthday month AND begin GiGi’s than to bring to you all a project that we could both sink our teeth in to!?!?!?

As both fans and avid supporters of supporting artists, we are thrilled to share with you the second year of @TerrorTwos fan-art based Halloween art community show!!

Photographic creation by our friend Steve Berry of RobotWig

Community creators Si & Cherie were kind enough to share a little bit about last years’ experience with us, which ended with inclusion in the November 2021, PosterSpy exhibition in London.

Here are a few of the featured artist posters…(you can view all 31 by visiting Terror Twos on Twitter)

Starting tomorrow, October 1st, and for ALL 31 days of the month, there will be a new piece of spooktacular art showcased leading us up to last reveal on Halloween day!

After the show, there will be a 4 day, charity art sale, with all proceeds collected going to the relief and support effort in Ukraine and can be found in the link below…

We hope you will join us in taking part in this show!!!

It’s a fantastic way to support the artists, a very worthy cause and have a unique piece of art for your collection!

Be sure to let us know which ones are your favorite!!


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