Next Level Cosplay by Jodie Taylor

Greetings gals and guys! We need to rally behind fellow geek girl AND WeGeekGirl fan Jodie Taylor who has put together an amazing piece of work in hopes of winning a scholarship to Cinema Makeup School in Hollywood. Take a look... This steampunk White Queen is pretty incredible, right? This piece took Jodie 6 weeks … Continue reading Next Level Cosplay by Jodie Taylor

WGGs Cosplay Picks: Stargate, Loki, Maleficent, Green Arrow, and More

Welcome to We Geek Girls (WGGs) “Cosplay Picks,” where we share the amazing world of cosplay. Stargate One day I woke up and I said: '"I want a Stargate!" and so I made it Cosplayed by: Nyima-chan Hawkgirl Photographed by Pat Loika Genderbent Green Arrow Photo by: GCF Photography Photo by: JwaiDesign Photography Cosplayed by: Its Raining Neon Costume by: Its … Continue reading WGGs Cosplay Picks: Stargate, Loki, Maleficent, Green Arrow, and More

Jinkies! Velma Dinkley Cosplay

The awesome peeps over at CONography sent over these great photos of the beautiful Lena Leather cosplaying a sexy version of Velma Dinkley from Scooby-Doo. Cosplayer: Lena Leather Photographer: CONography Follow Lena Leather on Social Media: Facebook | Twitter Follow CONography on Social Media: Facebook | Twitter

Adorable Catwoman by Cosplay Princess

Cosplayer: Cosplay Princess How adorable is this cosplay!!  I love how she's in full control of her character. Thank you to CONography for sending these adorable photos of Cosplay Princess' photo shoot.  Costume by: MJCreations Photographer: CONography Follow Cosplay Princess on Social Media: Facebook Follow MJCreations on Social Media: Facebook and check out their online store: Etsy Follow … Continue reading Adorable Catwoman by Cosplay Princess