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Thowback Thursday: ConCarolinas 2017

At the beginning of June, GiGi and I attended our third ConCarolinas. We affectionately refer to it as our geek family reunion as it brings together just about every artist, author, fandom podcaster and crafter/cosplay/cosplay group we have gotten to know over the years. With over 200 panels in it’s 2 ½ days, this con… Continue reading Thowback Thursday: ConCarolinas 2017

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Caitlin Kelley: Monster Hunter

Caitlin and her friend/supernatural hunting partner Marty are suppose to be starting their vacation in New Orleans when they are greeted, almost as soon as they land, by the feeling that something “isn’t quite right”. An emergency summons and personal letter from the Pope later and we find out their instincts are pretty darn good.… Continue reading Caitlin Kelley: Monster Hunter

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The Stravinsky Intrigue by Darin Kennedy

First off, reading The Mussorgsky Riddle before this one is a MUST. I believe my review for that one is floating around here somewhere 😉 If you read my last review, you already know that I am a HUGE fan of Darin Kennedy and the second book in his Fugue & Fable series only… Continue reading The Stravinsky Intrigue by Darin Kennedy