Book Four: 5 Questions with Gail Z. Martin

Greetings gals and guys. It is my great pleasure to bring to you a mini interview with Deadly Curiosities  author Gail Z. Martin who graciously took the time sit down and answer a few questions about the book/process. CC: This was your first stab at urban fiction. Did you find the process more/less/equal fun? GZM:Lots … Continue reading Book Four: 5 Questions with Gail Z. Martin

Book Four: Deadly Curiosities Review

Greetings fellow readers! I am thrilled that the time has come for me to review Deadly Curiosities! As I have mentioned on numerous occasions, I am a huge fan Gail Z. Martin and while I am use to her epic fantasy stories, I was eager to see her take on urban fantasy. Deadly Curiosities did … Continue reading Book Four: Deadly Curiosities Review