British Villains Appear In Jaguar’s First Super Bowl Commercial

Jaguar will be debuting their first Super Bowl commercial this Sunday, showcasing their new F-Type Coupe. In this epic 60-second commercial, actors Sir Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston, and Mark Strong tell us why British actors always play the villains in Hollywood movies.

“Maybe we just sound right,” Sinestro says as he grabs the keys to the F-Type Coupe.

“We’re more focused, more precise,” Loki says as he sips a cup of tea while riding in a helicopter.

“We have a certain style, an eye for detail” The Mandarin says as he ties his bow tie.

“It’s good to be bad.” Indeed it is.

Check out the commercial:

Absolute Power with Mark Strong:

Business Associates with Tom Hiddleston:

World Domination with Sir Ben Kingsley:


What do you think of Jaguar’s first Super Bowl commercial?


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