[Update] Spinning TARDIS Ring by Paul Michael Design


The spin Doctor ring is available for both gents and ladies. The ring is available in sterling silver, 14 karat white and yellow gold as well as platinum.

The Spin Doctor-Gents:

  • Silver natural – Gents – $1,550 – Ladies – $1,500
  • Sterling Synthetic  – Gents – $1,075 – Ladies – $1,050
  • 14k Yellow Natural – Gents – $2,950 – Ladies – $2,250
  • 14k Yellow Synthetic – Gents – $2,150 – Ladies – $1,750
  • 14k white Natural – Gents – $2,950 – Ladies – $2,250
  • 14k White Synthetic – Gents – $2,150 – Ladies – $1,750
  • Platinum Natural – Gents – $3,850 – Ladies – $3,050
  • Platinum Synthetic – Gents – $3,250 – Ladies – $2,650

You can purchase the ring at Paul Michael Design Etsy store. Paul Michael will be offering a pendant and bracelet charm next month.

Spinning TARDIS Ring

Perfect engagement ring for a Whovian!

Stunning spinning TARDIS ring with Dalek bumps on the side. Created by Paul Michael Bierker, who also created the USS Enterprise Ring, Bounty Hunter Ring, and other Geeky engagement rings. No details yet on how much the ring cost or when it will go on sale.

Update via Paul Michael Design Facebook:

Here are some options for you to ponder. No bumps, negative bumps and we will make these in white, yellow and rose gold, Sterling silver and Platinum.


Prices for the rings will be confirmed Monday, February 24.

[Via Paul Michael Design Facebook]

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