Walking with Bilbo

I would first like to beg your patience with me as I am not as well versed in posting as my friend GiGi. I’m sure it will come to me quickly but in the meantime, I beg you to bare with the rougher posts πŸ™‚

In adding to our vision of this blog, I wanted to share things more personal to We Geek Girls in hopes that we not only provide a place to hang out but also allow for friendships to form. So, welcome…

Faith plays a large role in the lives of We Geek Girls. Our friendship has been a huge blessing in that in each other we have found a place to both sharpen our Faithdom and Fandom!!

I’ve just finished a book that I believe was pivotal in helping me see that all parts of who we are created to be CAN blend in the most beautiful way. In Walking with Bilbo Sarah Arthur describes our walk with The Lord as an Adventure of Faith. I will admit that I’ve never considered this path an adventure until I went through this study.

Sarah pulls just enough from The Hobbit to make the lesson you are about learn more familiar. I, who have always related with Bilbo, found great comfort in being reminded of the challenges he faced before realizing my own challenges in my own life.

(I’ve been a Tolkien fan for years but I am no scholar and have often been timid in giving opinion for that reason but I feel safe here so…)

Maybe it is because I was looking for it but there is a remarkable parallel in both The Hobbit and LOTR and my own personal adventure of faith. Each chapter was a beautiful reminder that we are never alone, that help will always come to those who know where to look for it.

It took me a year to go through this study and not because it’s is long. I guess it was just my process. Each time I sat down to read was the exact perfect moment in my life to be reading what I was reading, no coincidence I am sure.

The chapters are set up with a glimpse at The Hobbit so it would be helpful to be familiar with the story before beginning this study. From there the author poses reflective questions about your life for you to consider. Lastly, she points you to applicable scripture references. I was impressed and amazed at how perfectly the chapters and scripture matched.

I found myself writing more than I have in years (and it’s a great passion of mine). I had a notebook for the study, a personal journal and a dream journal (to record my actual dreams). Things manifest differently for everyone and that is one of the reason I wanted to share this study with you (if you find yourself on the adventure of faith also).

By the time the study ended, I not only knew myself better but I knew The Lord better, Tolkien better, Bilbo better and LOVED them all more than I thought possible.

It’s clear to me that God used Tolkien and his brilliant beautiful mind to connect we dreamers and believers. This adventure doesn’t have to either Fandom or Faithdom, it CAN be a blend of both, we just have to look for Him in it πŸ™‚

I am starting Walking with Frodo next and I look forward to deepening my connection with The Lord, Tolkien, Frodo and you πŸ™‚

Thanks for sticking we me through this ❀️


**Sarah Arthur has a website, can be found on Facebook and her books purchased through Amazon.***

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