The breaking of The Fellowship

It’s not as sad as is sounds but I must admit I am not as ready as I thought I was…

Let me explain. My family and friends have been huge supporters of my fandom my entire life. I didn’t really start collecting anything with earnest until I was a teenager. Back then medieval fantasy was my obsession. There were a few knights in armor and I created a maiden dress BUT above all, dragons were my thing. I was never a fan of the tales of dragon slaying as I always imagined being allied with them.

Over the years my dragon collection included everything from large print framed art to the teeny tiny pewter keepsake. If I have held on to anything over these years (and I am 31), it has been them.

For most of my adulthood they have been proudly displayed in my room as I’ve always seemed to live with everything in one place. Which meant my living space has always looked like a geek bomb went off 😉

This past year I have had room to spread out a bit and my dragons somehow ended up on a shelf, in a pantry. Out of site but not entirely out of mind (it was the same for my books).

Over the years the thought of downsizing any of my collection has often brought me to tears. Up until this past year, nothing really showed you who I was other than my collections (not my clothes, hair, job etc) and the thought of parting with any of it was well…you can imagine.

I keep mentioning this past year because it was filled to the brim with personal growth, discovery and adventuring! More myself than ever, infact. So, I’m sitting here on the eve of another change…downsizing again. As I mentioned above, there are only good reasons for this change but alas, everything can’t make the journey.

I stared with my books, that had been for the most part boxed up. It was easier this time, realizing that although some of them were a source of great enjoyment, I would never open them again (mostly historical romance). I boxed up entire authors and this time it actually felt good. Knowing that I now craved depth, substance and a personal connection to the stories I read excited me. Don’t get me wrong, those 200 some odd page quick read passionate tales got me through years of a third shift job but now I enjoy following characters through book after book, and crying when their time ends…progress 😉

Forgive me for straying off the path a little but I wanted to set the scene for the way I am choosing to downsize my dragon collection…
When I took them out of their hidden shelving his morning I had a moment of “this you can’t do” as remembered how each one came to me. I never named any (as I was well into my teens by then) but I do remember who they came from, though I doubt those people do. You see, to some this level of personal attachment may seem silly but to me I see the faces of the givers and remember how much joy it brought me that they knew me so well.
Why even part with them then? You may ask. Because it’s simply time to… I know myself now and it’s time to make room for the things I am giving me…The only way to do that and still honor the collection is to break it up and give it to the people who will look at them and see me… My kindred sprits! I have a group of friends that have loved me through the best and worst parts of my life and while they may not be fond of an entire collection (as I was) I know they will be overjoyed to have a momento of something so dear to me.

See, I told you wasn’t as sad it sounded!! Thank you for taking the time to go through this with me!

💛 CC

2 thoughts on “The breaking of The Fellowship

  1. G.B. Koening says:

    It all sounds like a very wise and well thought out decision…and one that will have a very positive outcome for you AND your close friends. Good on you. 🙂

    (Speaking as a former packrat…er…I mean “collector”, I always try to remember: our worth isn’t calculated by the sum of our belongings, but by the sum of our experiences.)


    • CC says:

      Thanks for reading 😀 It really makes the process easier to write about it! I love your parting wisdom! Here’s to the sum of our experiences!!!


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