Artist Feature: Chuck’s Art Box

Welcome to our first artist featurette!

WeGeekGirls would like to introduce you to VA based artist Chuck Mullins (Chuck’s Art Box). His specialties include fantasy, sci-fi and comic illustration (for full bio go to

We were introduced to Chuck’s work when GiGi (who has an adoration for all things Minion) came across a pretty incredible Minion/XMen mashup. She quickly purchased the poster below and the rest is as follows…


As you can see, he personalized and signed the poster!

We were so impressed with Chuck’s work and personal approach that we decided to collaborate with him on our rebranding. After the exchange of a few emails we hired Chuck to create WGG a custom logo…


It’s pretty great, right? GiGi and I LOVE it!!

Chuck was a dream to work with! He was attentive to our desired look/feel, extremely accurate in capturing our personalities and very efficient with the turn around of ideas all the way to completion. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly our idea was able to be captured, created and completed. We are OVERJOYED with the final product and it is so exciting to finally be able to share it with you.

As you can see, Chuck does accept commissioned work and can be reached via all of the following:
twitter @ChucksArtBox

Please take moment and show some love to our new friend Chuck!!!

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