Nerd HQ 2014 – A Conversation with Nathan Fillion

Nerd HQ and Comic Con 2014 (412)

Today was day 2 at Nerd HQ. I was able to attend my second panel and it so happened to be ‘A Conversation with Nathan Fillion.’ I know. Shut up. This was my highlight of the day/week/year. I will start by saying that I had a total Nerdgasm when I saw and met Nathan Fillion in the flesh. I mean, look at that adorable face and smile. 

Nerd HQ and Comic Con 2014 (386)

Bro hug – Nathan Fillion and Zachary Levi

Nathan spent the weekend at Nerd HQ, spending times with fans, taking pictures, moderating panels, auctioning off items for charity, and hosting two Conversations for a Cause panels. This man can do no wrong.

Nerd HQ and Comic Con 2014 (409)

At this panel, Nathan showed up with a bag of goodies, that included two engraved smart watches, signed posters, a wallet, props from Castle and Firefly, fan-made items, and more. For the next hour, began answering questions from fans and began auctioning off everything in the bag to raise more money for Operation Smile. I was amazed at how much each item went for.

“Wait a minute, name of the show, Castle. I think I’m safe!”

Nerd HQ and Comic Con 2014 (408)

Sold for $200

One fan asked Nathan, “What’s on you bucket list?” He actually had a list already, but it was geared more towards what he wants to do on film:

  • Land a plane
  • Play my own double
  • Crack a safe (“I think I did that one! I did it on Castle. Crossed off”)
  • Hit a detonator button
  • Light a dynamite from a cigarette and/or cigar
  • Drop a matching gas
  • Walk away from an explosion
  • Diffuse a bomb (I did that too!)
Zachary acted as the auctioneer

Zachary acted as the auctioneer

Nathan started to auction off a luggage tag that said Serenity on one side and on the back it said ‘I aim to misbehave.’ The woman standing next to me screamed $300. WOW! 

Nerd HQ and Comic Con 2014 (400)

One fan in the audience made a wonderful gesture. One fan, named Whitney, mentioned that three years ago everyone in the panel donated $440, so that she can have one of Nathan’s shirt. She said that she overheard someone say that they couldn’t afford to buy something. So she paid it forward, and donated $440, so that person can have something from Nathan’s bag. Both Nathan and Zachary were touched by that gesture.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s a photo of Nathan and me. 😀

Nerd HQ_Nathan Fillion

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