Presenting Marquis of Vaudeville

‘Ello Ladies and Gents!

Have you ever wondered where shows get their music? I know I have often sat watching a show and found myself wondering more about who the musicians of the soundtrack were than what was going on during the program.

I recently finished binge watching the thriller ‘Dexter’ on Netflix and fully admit, as exciting as the show was, I found the above to be true multiple times. I must have tweeted about watching the show several times because a few weeks ago, my personal twitter handle got a new follower…Marquis of Vaudeville…

Much to my delight, in their description, they mention that they have done music for not only ‘Dexter’ but ‘Charmed’ ,among others. I immediately went to YouTube to see what I could find…(after I followed back, of course)



I loved this quote from the bio on their website:

“Having the ambitious wish to propel the entire world into a melodic
vortex, Marquis of Vaudeville emits an extraordinary sound that spirals
listeners on an utterly imaginative, musical merry-go-round. One never
knows what moodswung journey they’ll embark upon once these musical
highwaymen hijack their consciousness.”


and also this one:

“Hate them, love them, they demand the world take notice, and merely desire to incite something genuine, to inspire sincere emotion despite the world’s mind numbing mediocrity and generic mass production. Marquis of Vaudeville is a tantalizing flavor for even the most finicky musical appetite.”

If I could have formed better words for how I find their music, I would have tried but those fit perfectly.

BONUS!!!!! They will be performing at DragonCon, Friday night at 1:30am (ok, so kinda Saturday) in the Marriott’s Atrium Ballroom! Go ahead and join the Facebook event as a reminder to yourself to stay up late that night 😉

By day you can find Marquis of Vaudeville at:

If you can’t get a sense of my enthusiasm from the words of this post, let me add that I have purchased both of their albums (available on iTunes) and am quickly becoming obsessed. SO, if you likey (yes, I meant to say it that way) what you hear, join me Friday night for what is sure to be a great show!!!

Happy Listening ❤

HUGE thanks to Toby for all of helpful information, the photos and for giving my little twitter page a follow! Looking forward to the show!!

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