Presenting Badali Jewelry Specialties, Inc.

Greetings awesome geek family! We are at the ONE WEEK mark until DragonCon!! Well, it’s the one week mark for WeGeekGirls anyway 😉

In this, the fourth, countdown post, I decided to introduce (or perhaps re-introduce) you to superior, wearable craftsmanship in the form of

Badali Jewelry Specialties, Inc.

This family owned and operated company prides themselves in high quality (not to mention unique) hand crafted jewelry and top notch customer service.




In addition to the over 35 different categories of product, Badali also produces officially licensed The Hobbit™ and The Lord of the Rings™ jewelry with Middle-Earth Enterprises; Wheel of Time™ jewelry with Robert Jordan’s estate; Elantris Aon™, Mistborn™ and Stormlight Archive™ jewelry with Brandon Sanderson, Kingkiller Chronicle™ jewelry with Patrick Rothfuss, The Dresden Files© jewelry with Jim Butcher and The Iron Druid Chronicles™ jewelry with Kevin Hearne.





In their facilities in Layton, Utah, each piece is made one at a time and finished by hand.

“We take our inspiration from our personal interests. Whether the inspiration comes from a novel that one of us has just discovered, a book series we have long loved, a personal geek-centric interest we have or have had, or something cool one of us dreamed up, our designs are always rooted in a deep personal interest. By being fans of the content that we take inspiration from, the items we create are far higher in quality, design and storytelling than if we we’re only making items according to what was only popular at the time. We only design and make items that we would want to wear ourselves. For some items, like the Lord of The Rings line, we have spent a lifetime dreaming up what they should look like and being able to make them come to life is dream come true.”- Janelle Badali Powell





Aren’t these pieces amazing!? You all know I am partial to the LOTR and Hobbit designs but it is clear to see the “deep personal interest” Janelle mentioned in each piece. There is an impressive attention to detail that I believe makes these pieces stand out and beg to be a part of a fans ensemble.

Ok, I will get down to brass tacks now 😉

Badali Jewelry Specialties, Inc. will be located at Booth #151-171 in the Dealers Hall at AmericasMart (adjacent to the Westin Peachtree Plaza). Janelle wanted me to share the news (BONUS) that they will also be hosting an at booth book signing with Jim Butcher (date and time TBD).

Make sure you stop by the BJS, Inc. booth while in the Dealers Hall and add to your fandom jewelry collection!!!

Badali Jewelry can also be found at:
Twitter @BadaliJewelry

Happy Shopping 🙂

Thank you to Janelle for taking the time to share information and photos with me!! GiGi and I look forward to stopping by the booth next week!!

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