Presenting Warfire Forge

I have been so excited to tell you all about this DragonCon vendor! Here is a sneak peek from my collection…


Presenting Warfire Forge

This father (Tim) and son (Brock) duo, together, create a wide array of metal work. Their particular interests are in prop making, specifically, creating weapons and amor (historical and/or fantasy) that may have traditionally been forged or fabricated. They also like to tinker, so steampunk items have become more frequent projects, especially for Tim.





“I have been blacksmithing for 7 years and had the original vision for Warfire Forge. After gaining enough experience and confidence in my work, I convinced my dad to try it out with me, as this was the kind of work he was doing on the side essentially anyway and had over 30 years of metalworking experience. I really owe it to my parents for their vast creativity as I grew up. I was constantly exposed to artwork and my vivid imagination was able to roam freely with their support.” ~ Brock




“We’re outgrowing our shop space and are at a pivotal point of expansion with Warfire. More of my work than anything, comes from custom commissions, so we are constantly approaching new projects and that sets us apart in many ways I think. We aren’t satisfied with cranking out the same dozen pieces because it’s easy. We don’t do so well with limitations and aren’t shy when it comes to tackling challenging projects. It is an opportunity often to learn (or have an excuse to experiment) from each new piece. We eat, drink, and breathe this stuff. We really love what we do.” ~Brock




(All photos courtesy of Warfire Forge)

I have been a fan of Warfire Forge for many years and have had the opportunity to watch them work. They are some of the nicest guys you will meet, full of knowledge and very willing to share it. Anyone finding themselves in need of prop weaponry/armor/chainmail or jewelry should find these guys at the convention.

They will be located with the vendors in AmericasMart, Floor 2, Vendor 351

Outside DragonCon, you can find them at:

Happy Wielding 🙂

Thank you Brock for chatting with me and letting us share a little bit of your story! We will be stopping by the Warfire booth next week!!

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