WGGs Cosplay Picks: Hulkbuster, Disney Battle Princesses, Nebula, and More

Welcome to We Geek Girls (WGGs) “Cosplay Picks,” where we share the amazing world of cosplay.

Disney Battle Princesses

Disney Battle Princesses_Photo by The will Box

Cosplayed by: Gladzy Kei Art & CosplayPompay’s Cosplay Page – Jessica RohMegan Langan Art & CosplayJessica Nigri Fan PageCaroline Dawe Art & CosplayAndy Rae CosplayVivid Vision

Photo by:  The Will Box

Astrid from ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’

Tarah-Rex Cosplay as Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon 2_Photo by The Will Box

Cosplayed by: Tarah-Rex Cosplay

Photo by: The Will Box

Nebula from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’Karin Olava Effects

Cosplayed by: Karin Olava Effects

Photo by: Håvard Staub Nyhus

Costume/makeup by: Karin Olava Effects

Battle Elsaelsa-armor-main

Cosplayed by: Mimiru Riley

Photo by: Zach Nieland 

Xena Cosplay

Xena Cosplay

Cosplayed by: Bernadette Bentley

Photo by: Detswit Photography

HulkbusterHulkbuster Cosplay

Cosplayed by: Pablo Bairan


Gender-Bend Kaylee Cosplay


[Source: Via Fashionably Geek, Facebook, and TheMarySue]

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