The Heart of Everealm: Part 1

As WeGeekGirls mentioned last week, we were able to interview 3 Executive Producers behind the new ABC show The Quest. That exclusive is coming soon, I promise BUT I wanted to first share something from my heart (where I can be opinionated and personal).

It is evident from the live tweeting that we do that GiGi and I are fans of The Quest but what you may not “get” is why. I will speak for myself from this point on (although I know GiGi well enough to know that most of it she will echo).

For as long as I can remember (I’m 31) my imagination has run wild with adventure. Most of these adventures happened on the fantasy plane and I often found myself in a magical realms filled with a variety of races, royalty, creatures, etc. When I was a young girl, I am sure that imagined I was a fearful princess in need of rescue but over the years (and probably around the time of Xena) I began to imagine being a warrior princess fighting along side other knights for the good and protection of the realm.

I have always been fascinated with character traits one needed to be knighted. Loyalty, honestly, bravery, chivalry…WOW…right!?

Now, picture a group of people creative enough to combine everything I (and I imagine many other people) dreamed about being/doing as a child/adult in a REAL setting. That, in a very brief description is The Quest. A small group of people of varying ages and backgrounds were chosen to compete for the right to defend a kingdom against oncoming darkness, to be a HERO.

Over a year ago I was sold on the concept alone, forget execution, the concept. It is a competition but contestants (who were expertly chosen in my opinion) are challenged as people to rise above internal (and external) struggles and find out who they really are at their core. In fact, some have been banished as a result of unwavering personal codes (kudos to you guys).

I have seen several people give up on the show and/or not even watch it because a)they don’t like that genre b)it isn’t realistic enough or c)they would rather watch real housewives get drunk and pull each others weave out. To those people I say this…

A) This show is about building people up (on top of weaving a great fantasy). Not only are the paladins growing and strengthening their character but they are inspiring the same in their fans. I am a proud part of #TheQuestArmy and let me tell you that they are some of the kindest, most genuine and supportive people out there. Genre aside, we need more shows that are inspiring people, right!?

B) Let’s be realistic about how realistic (challenge wise) this show can be. It was shot over a one month(ish) period of time. That is enough time to be a beginner at best. You can’t expect beginners to go into these competitions with 100% real weaponry and potentially seriously injure each other and neither can the producers. So consider the skill that they already have or were able to learn in that short amount of time, relax and let your imagination enjoy the possibilities…that is the true intent.

C) I meant the real housewives thing to be funny so don’t go crazy train on me. Just consider what we as a country make popular as far as tv goes. Think about that show you loved that got cancelled. IT happens all the time, while seemingly pointless shows go season after season unafraid of ending. Think about it…

This started as a way to shed a little light on the show but I think it has turned more into a plea for it’s survival…and I am ok with that. A family of heroes has started because some very talented people chose to use their talents to tell a story, a story that someone like you, like me could be a part of. We can’t let it end without giving other people that oppourtunity, can we?

The Quest airs on Thursdays at 8pm on ABC. You can catch up by watching it on WATCH IT and begin to feel your inner hero wake up!

Much Love and thanks for reading my rant!

I just came from a convention where 62,000people felt like a family. I know that it can be the same for The Quest because it has already started 🙂

One thought on “The Heart of Everealm: Part 1

  1. Joshua P. Smith says:

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    One of the greatest experiments in television has been The Quest. We’ve blogged about it before, ranking it among the top 5 reasons it’s good to be a Geek. When I thought about a review of the show, I could think of no better way to state what needs to be shared than what fellow bloggers We Geek Girls wrote about the amazing show. With only two weeks left, including tonight at 7-9pm C, there’s not much time to catch this incredible first season. You can also hang with We Geek Girls, myself, and other fans #TheQuestArmy, the paladins (contestants), producers, crew, and cast of #TheQuest on Twitter. Check it out this elegantly and poignantly written article from my new friends, reblogged with their permission.

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