Exclusive: The Heart of Everealm Part 2

It took a few days longer than I expected but I finally have what you have been waiting for. I will save you all the long story behind the less than perfect quality of the videos. I felt like it was more important for you to hear the exchange between the interviewer/interviewees (for it is there that you hear the passion) than to try and fancy it up in text 😉 Please ignore me as much as possible. I am a dork and far too chatty for my own good sometimes 😉.


Three of the executive producers of the newest ABC reality show The Quest were nice enough to sit down (via Skype) with WeGeekGirls and talk about the show. Rob Eric, Jane Fleming and Mark Ordesky were magnetic from the start. As a fan first, I knew it would be incredibly hard not to geek out when I first saw their faces/heard their voices so I didn’t even try. They were not only forgiving but even welcomed my outburst, which immediately put me at ease. I gushed for several minutes about my love for both the concept of the show (which I had been aware of for a long time) and the (what I believe to be) brilliant execution of it. To my surprise all three of them geeked out with me! Mark even held up a replica of Anduril (we may have mentioned LOTR during this time ;)).

photo2 J&M005

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I wanted to share the video footage of the interview with you. In the following, I believe you will get a clear picture of what they set out to create, a little of how it came about and most importantly get a feel for the heart behind it.

This first video starts just as I finish my gushing on the note that “I will riot if there isn’t a season 2” …

I apologize that the video paused at this point. Here Rob was speaking about how important the fans are to the show and that while it is only natural to want explosive viewing, 3 million is just as important as 10 million and their aim is to be good to fans, no matter the number.

This second video begins with Rob continuing his thoughts of the fan base this show has created and how it has inspired people to get back to things they once liked to do but had gotten away from at one point or another…

Again, my apologies for where this video cut off. As you can hear, Rob was speaking on how important it was to convey the way we feel, as viewers, to the network. You may be aware by now that there is a petition but it needs to be said here that the petition is a “backup” for the ratings. It wasn’t started because the show was/is doomed. It’s simply to help show what support is out there (which I may have sounded confused about on video). Rob also mentions writing into the network and thanks to Mark and another member of The Quest Army, I believe that there is an example letter on both Twitter and The Quest Army Facebook page.

***Let me add here that NOTHING BEATS LIVE VEIWING. Things like DVR, HULU and the ABC.com app make it pretty easy to watch whatever you want, whenever you want (I understand that this is what people have to do sometimes) but those large and very important numbers come from the people who watch during the set aside time slot. So, if you are out there and have the ability to watch it LIVE, let me implore you do that. Consider DVRing the other show you usually watch live or catch up on that show another day. THIS IS THE LAST SHOT WE FANS HAVE TO LET ABC know that what this show, these paladins, these EP’s have done, MATTERS and needs to continue beyond these past few weeks.***

Jane was very quick to mention that no matter what the ratings bring, they have no intention of leaving this (us) behind. All three of them are blown away by the community created by this show and intend to be apart of it to whatever end.

The remainder of the interview consisted of a little more discussion on what could be done to help bring the show a season 2 (which I ranted on above) and me profusely thanking them for taking the time to speak with us (GiGi was there, I promise).

This interview was a huge opportunity and as fans, an even bigger deal for WeGeekGirls. Rob, Jane, Mark, we really can’t thank you enough for taking the time to let us pick your brains (and also geek out) about The Quest. Anyone who puts this much heart into what they do deserve the biggest of followings and WeGeekGirls hopes that with the next week brings the not only the largest viewing to date but numbers that push The Quest to the top.

Tune in this Thursday 9/11 to ABC at 8pm to find out who THE ONE TRUE HERO is!

Find @TheQuestABC on Twitter #TheQuest and join #TheQuestArmy
and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/798916096795434/

To add your name to the ranks, click here http://www.change.org/p/paul-lee-lisa-berger-jason-sarlanis-renew-the-reality-television-series-the-quest?recruiter=45177676&utm_campaign=twitter_link&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=share_petition

Happy Viewing!!

2 thoughts on “Exclusive: The Heart of Everealm Part 2

  1. Joshua P. Smith says:

    Reblogged this on Geek2Geek and commented:
    Geek2Geek’s blogger friends, WeGeekGirls, have published their exclusive interviews with the executive producers of ABC’s The Quest! Great conversations, wonderful things shared. Thanks to Rob Eric, Mark Ordesky, and Jane Fleming. thanks also for GiGi and Candice for their work! Though the video isn’t great, the conversation is deep, informative, and fantastic analysis on being a geek. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

    Finally, The Quest’s two hour season finale airs this Thursday 8/7c! Follow We Geek Girls and I online and join the incredible fandom that has erupted for The Quest at #TheQuestArmy!


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