Billy Lovecraft Saves the World Cover Reveal

Our friends at Curiosity Quills have given us another cover to reveal! Take a look!


Billy Lovecraft Saves the World, by Billy Lovecraft

Genre: middle-grade, action-adventure, paranormal, horror, science-fiction

Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press

Date of Release: November 13, 2014

Cover Artist: Andy Garcia (



The last thing Billy Lovecraft’s parents sent him before the crash was a photo of something on the wing of their plane.

Now he’s stuck with a horrible and heart-breaking mystery: What was that awful creature, and why were his parents targeted?

It’s up to Billy to gather a team of like-minded kids and lead them through a dark new reality where the monsters are real, not everyone is who they seem to be, and an ancient alien wants to devour the world.

About The Author:


Billy Lovecraft is the young leader of the Cthulhu Detective Squad, which he formed after the death of his parents when he was twelve. He is a writer, scientist, occult scholar, and frequent savior of the world. The things in his basement will give you nightmares.

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