DragonCon: An Evening at Bree

Tolkien track is one of our favorite tracks at DragonCon. They host a wealth of Tolkien based panels and parties. Our favorite is An Evening at Bree which attended Friday night convention weekend.

Emerald Rose provided lively music for guests to dance to as they waited for the super popular costume contest to begin. In addition to original music, they played Tolkien based classics and even a few tunes from the movie.

Just before the costume contest began, the special presenters arrived in the form of Jed Brophy (Nori), Adam Brown (Ori) and Craig Parker (Haldir). They had great chemistry and added a very comedic aspect to the night.

As you can see, they were a lot of fun and terrific presenters! They had there work cut out for them though as the costumes that presented themselves were nothing short of amazing.

Middle Earth’s finest (and not so fine…ie Smaug) were represented.









I was pretty blown away by the talent within this group of people! But then again, we are all Tolkien fans 😉

While the esteemed judges discussed who would take home the top prize pack from WETA Workshop, we were serenaded by the convention formed Elf Choir who sang a beautiful rendition of Misty Mountain Song.

The winner was a brilliant, beautiful lady named Cressie who’s completely original wedding dress design was totally handmade. She stole the show (in my opinion). See more of her work here http://cressie.com/

Emerald Rose took the stage for one last round of jigs and sent everyone dancing into the remainder of the night.

This was my second time attending An Evening at Bree and it is one of the highlights of the convention. It is my hope that while no more movies will come out, the fans of Tolkien will remain a solid and passionate bunch and that the Tolkien Track lives a long/happy life.

May An Evening at Bree be a staple in DragonCon nightlife for years to come.

With handkerchief in hand,

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