Super-Flamands Photo Series By Sacha Goldberger

Super-Flamands Series By Sacha Goldberger (20)

(All Photos Belong To Sacha Goldberger)

I’ve been a fan of Sacha Goldberger’s photography for a couple of years now. It all started with hi s Mamika series. Mamika is a fun photo series he did with his grandmother dressed as a Superhero. If you haven’t seen it, go check it out

Goldberger’s latest series is titled “Super-Flamands (aka Super Flemish),” which is absolutely brilliant, he asks “What if Superheroes and Disney Princesses were born in the 16th century?, What if the Hulk was Duke?, and What if Jan van Eyck had done the portrait of Snow White?” With that, Goldberger photographed each character by using the same techniques of Flemish masters. Check it out!

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(Click photo to enlarge)

(All Photos Belong To Sacha Goldberger)

[Photos via Goldberger’s Facebook Page and CopyPasteRepost]


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