Stephen Colbert as Bilbo, Gandalf and Legolas in New Hobbit EW Covers and Character Portraits

The Hobbit_The Battle of the Five Armies_Official Title Card

It’s no secret that Stephen Colbert, of The Colbert Report, is a huge fan of Tolkien’s Middle-earth. Director Peter Jackson invited him and his family to the set and gave them cameos in Desolation of Smaug. Entertainment Weekly invited Stephen Colbert to write this week’s cover story for the release of ‘The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies.’ Colbert is featured in three fun EW covers as Bilbo, Gandalf and Legolas.

“Just me and a few of my friends got together to play dress-up,” Colbert says. “Lucky for me, my ‘friends’ are the wardrobe department for ‘The Hobbit.’ The original costumes and wigs were flown in from New Zealand just for me. They didn’t even fly the costumes out of New Zealand for the actors! They had to wear them there!”

The issue also includes a Q&A between Colbert and Jackson and an essay by Colbert about what Middle-earth means to him.

“Tolkien’s work has been a lifelong haven for me—truly a light in dark places when all other lights went out,” he writes. “For an awkward teenager, Middle-earth was a world I could escape to. Peter Jackson’s Middle-earth also gave me a world to escape to, but by the time his films came out, I was rich and famous and didn’t really want to escape my life anymore. Still, great movies.”

I adore all three covers. Can’t wait to buy them. The issue hits stands this Friday.

The Hobbit_Stephen Colbert EW Cover_Bilbo

The Hobbit_Stephen Colbert EW Cover_Gandalf

The Hobbit_Stephen Colbert EW Cover_Legolas

Click on an image to enlarge:

[Image Credit: RUVEN AFANADOR for EW]

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