Author Explosion!!

Hi gals and guys! I don’t know about you but it seemed like I spent more time in front of a tv/movie/computer screen than I did swimming through the pages of a good story. New Year’s Resolutions have not been my “thing” for many years but I did set one goal of reading 50 books in 2015. I wasn’t sure on what number to choose because I have taken quiz after quiz that confirm that I am a fast reader, well, once I actually take the time to do it…

That goal was set a few days ago and even though I have a stack of books half way up my wall, I didn’t know where/with whom to start NOR was I motivated to do so UNTIL yesterday, when I found myself in another online book launch party.

This time the party was in honor of my new friend Darin Kennedy and the release of his FIRST book The Mussorgsky Riddle.1599597_10205092751019096_5016414605938239768_o

I was able to listen to Darin talk about the book but one read over this book jacket and I knew that I was going to purchase it! It will be my 1st of 50 (maybe even more).

Find Darin here:

Your move…

While chatting with Darin and one of my faves Gail Z. Martin ( it dawned on me that not only could I read 50 books BUT also read them by 50 new authors (or authors that are new to me). **As you may have gathered by our posts, GiGi and I like shining bright light on creative/super talented/cool people who deserve more exposure.**

I wasn’t able to attend the entire day but I did manage to meet 12 authors that I will most definitely be checking out and I think that you should too! Below I have posted the most common places to find them and their work.

In no particular order…oh wait, yes they are (the order in which I became a part of their party feed) 😉

Ara Grigorian

Ethan Mawyer

Andrew Buckley

Andrew Buckley

Gustavo Florentin

Sharon Bayliss

Jo Grafford

Ryan Hill

J. Matthew Saunders

Jori Mierek

John G. Hartness

Roy Mauritsen

Jay Requard

I was thrilled to discover that not only Darin but several other of the attending authors were LOCAL! If WeGeekGirls support anything, it is our LOCAL talent! Who knew a simple morning Facebook log in would lead to a wealth of literary discovery!? I am really looking forward to the diversity even just this short list of authors will add to my reading.

Headshots, book covers and (hopefully) interviews will follow once I dive into this ocean of goodness but for now I just wanted give you a glimpse of what can await you behind an invitation to an online book launch party. So, next time maybe accept it and see what it is all about before you roll your eyes and ignore 😉

Please take a  few minutes to check this list of talent out and when you find something that you like, GO SHOW THEM SOME LOVE!!!!

Happy reading!


P.S.-I plan to review each book I read this year. If you happen to read the same ones, please stop back by and let’s talk about it!


4 thoughts on “Author Explosion!!

  1. John Hartness says:

    If y’all are local, you should come hang out in person at our writers’ group some time. Hit me up if you want details. Also, I’ll be happy to send you over a free ebook of mine to get you on your way to your 50-book goal. Great meeting you in the interwebs!

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