Geek Apparel – Middle Earth Brews Series by Cory Freeman

Tolkien Fans!! Check out these 5 ‘Middle-earth Brews’ shirts designed by Cory Freeman.

All 5 shirts are available at TeePublic for $20.00 and NeatoShop for $19.95.

Bag End, Rivendell Cider, Erebor Stout, and Mordor Dark Ale are currently on sale for $12.99 at Pop Up Tee. The sale ends in 15 hours. 

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Bag End Brew:

Middle Earth Brews_Bag End Brew_By Cory Freeman Design

A Hobbit’s Ale… and yes, it comes in pints!

Green Dragon Lager:

Middle Earth Brews_GREEN DRAGON LAGER_By Cory Freeman Design

“The Only Brew for the Brave and True!” Hobbits of The Shire rejoice! Bywater Brewery’s newest lager, named after the popular pub and inn, is here at last!

Erebor Stout:

Middle Earth Brews_Erebor Stout_By Cory Freeman Design

Everyone knows the hearty dwarves of Erebor brew a mean stout! The dwarven runes read “The Ale Under the Mountain”

Rivendell Cider:

Middle Earth Brews_Rivendell Cider_By Cory Freeman Design

Brewed by the elves of the Last Homely House East of the Sea.

Mordor Dark Ale:

Middle Earth Brews_Mordor Dark Ale_By Cory Freeman Design

One does not simply sip this brew fit for a dark lord!

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