Book One: 5 Questions for Darin Kennedy

Remember Book One: The Mussorgsky Riddle?

(if not, check this out


Author Darin Kennedy was kind enough to answer 5 questions from yours truly 😉

CC~ What is your favorite movement from “Pictures at an Exhibition”? The music and from the book if you can pick one.

DK~ Wow. What a great question. I think it’s like asking a parent which is their favorite child. I think both the symphony and the book all work best as a whole, but if I had to pick out favorites, I’ll give it my best shot.
From the original symphony, I love The Hut on Fowl’s Legs – I can literally see Yaga’s hut running through the woods when I hear that piece. I also think The Bogatyr Gates or The Great Gate of Kiev is one of the most triumphant pieces of music I’ve ever heard, and as Mussorgsky mixes in the Promenade theme one last time, it really brings the piece full circle.
As for the book, I have many favorites. Each of the various sections have a special place in my heart. I loved writing Yaga, Schmuyle, Tunny. I miss them, so much so in fact, that I may be visiting with some of them again.

CC~ Anthony is such a complex character, KUDOS, how do you develop a character like that?

DK~When you traumatize a character and break their psyche into ten or so different personalities and let them all talk with each other, complexity is basically part of the package. I needed Anthony to bring Pictures at an Exhibition to life, and ironically, those very Pictures brought Anthony some very real depth and substance as the book went on. Thanks for the high compliment!

CC~ When Baba Yaga’s true nature was revealed, actually through that entire painting, I sobbed. Given that the music so richly added to the story, I wonder, did you cry while writing?

DK~There are a few sections of the book that get me every time. That’s definitely one of them.

CC~ During the online book launch I read an exchange between you and another author in which you said “Mira is all mine”. You have a “thing” for her, so, are you Sterling or Archer?

DK~I am way more Archer than Sterling, for sure. And more than a little Mira as well.

CC~ What is in the future for Mira? For Anthony? Please tell me there is one…

DK~All I’m saying at this point is that I’ve been listening to a lot of Stravinsky lately. 😉

I hope you all took a look back over my last two posts about this book. It truly was an incredible read! Get your hands on it here…

In response to the response of the author…

1. You have ruined me as I am no longer able to read in silence. With each new book I read, I am finding myself longing for a “soundtrack”. The original symphony and book are the perfect combination (I can’t wait to re read). The Great Gate of Kiev gave me chills and made me weep (not kidding). Visualizing the characters from the book’s exhibition while listening to that…EPIC…Not to pressure you but it would sadden me if you didn’t revisit the exhibition characters again…We were just getting to know them after all 
2. Great answer! Just, wow, great answer ***applauds***
3. This is another reason I can’t wait to re read. You know that you have really stumbled upon a treasure when it brings forth such intense emotion. Now that I wouldn’t be shocked by anything, as I was with the original reading, I can let down all walls and really dig into the characters  
4. I was expecting to hear that you were more like Archer than Sterling but not Mira, how very, very interesting…I will have to question that futher…
5. I now have also…so BRING IT ***Thumbs Up***

Thank you, Darin Kennedy, again, for sharing this story in written word. Not only did it step me out of my all to repetitive reading selection, it reignited my passion for art and classical music!! It is my hope and wish that the success of your debut book runneth over into more published work (and then even more).

Gals and guys, if you are keeping up with my 50 books in 2015 (and I hope you are), please know that I got a tad behind schedule with Book Three but will have it for you soon as well as what you can look forward to from Book Four.

Until then, Happy Reading!



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