Ladies and Gents, our Doctor Who/Sherlock cross over dreams have come true!!!

A group of talented people over at AM AUDIO MEDIA ( created the ultimate fan fiction that is a thrill to listen to…


Doctor Who: Dark Journey is an original full cast audio adventure which takes The Doctor on a darker journey than ever. Emotionally shattered after a tragedy The Doctor arrives in London and becomes companion to Sherlock Holmes in an effort to stop Jack the Ripper’s murderous trail of terror. But is there an even greater evil at work in Victorian England?

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I listened to this series in one sitting a few days ago and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it! The meeting of two of my favorite characters went exactly how I thought it might. There is a bit of friction at first as they are getting to know each other and it made for some very comical moments in an otherwise dramatic story.

The combination of characters is very interesting and the intention of emotion clear. Andrew Chalmers and Roy Miranda did an excellent job capturing the essence of The Doctor and Sherlock. It truly felt like I was witnessing a few crossover episodes of the show.

Listen Dark Journey here:

Full Cast:

When I first discovered AM AUDIO MEDIA, I knew that I would be a fan. The concept of audio drama is greatly appealing to me and I marvel at the process of it! You have to be a special kind of talented to convey emotion/attitude/mood and environment in the non-visual plane. KUDOS to the cast/crew of Dark Journey!!


Dark Journey has built a great enough fanbase to continue the adventures of The Doctor and Sherlock Holmes. Stay tuned as the second series gets released in March 2015.

The Game is ON!



  1. Brian D. Ham says:

    I have to say the sound design is excellent. Not exactly what I would do with it being an industry professional but it is very, very, very good. Loved the music.

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  2. Danielle says:

    Dr. Who Dark Journey…where do I begin? It was introduced to me in a random encounter and I was instantly engulfed! Amazing characters, immersive sound design, humour, wit and possessed dogs, trains!?… Need I go on? Need I mention a Doctor with a haunting past that will definitely captivate along with his unique yet perfect companion Sherlock Holmes? All I can say is one episode became two and so the binge listen began! Fantastic job to all involved! Thank you for transporting me and immersing me in your Dark Journey! I am honored to be your first Official Whobie!!

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