Book Five: 18 Thoughts Review


I am fresh off completing this read and I have to say that it is fantastic!

Olga meets Nate in a hospital room that he shares with her comatose best friend Conner. Olga is in love with Conner and has been daily at his beside since the accident that left him in a coma. Nate has been hospitalized for an automobile accident. Upon meeting Olga, Nate realizes he has the ability to read her thoughts…

After convincing Olga that he’s not crazy and can indeed read her thoughts, Nate begins to pursue her. With Conner always her mind, Olga hesitantly continues to see Nate and try understand why he can read only her thoughts.

As Olga and Nate are getting to know eachother, Conner awakens from his coma, only he isn’t like he use to be…

The “I feel like I’ve done this before” begin to pile up and the three begin to realize there is something deeper and darker at work in their situation. To get through it, they must have faith, trust in each other and look deep within themselves to come out of the other side whole.

What unfolds is gripping story of tragedy, love, disappointment, friendship, possession and second chances.

It was a very quick and enjoyable read for me. As always I appreciated the nods to geektastic things like Star Wars, LOTR and Harry Potter. The characters were well written and easy to relate to. I appreciated the struggle between loving a life long friend and falling for the “white knight”. The addition of the spiritual aspects (as someone who is sensitive to it) enhanced the story immensely.

Confession: When starting this book I had forgotten that it wasn’t the first in the series BUT the third. However, it easily stands alone and only left me wanting to know more about the connection between the characters which can be read in the first two storys here:

CC’s personal thoughts: SPOILER ALERT

As a person of faith, I really connected to this story. I like to imagine that there are angels watching over us and waiting to help us in our time of need. I believe that when you draw from Love’s very Source, anything is possible. You can be safe and protected from the darkness of the world (which will always be there, doing battle with the light). I appreciated that Olga let her faith give her the strength to face darkness and “lay down her life for her friend”.Tying in the fact that she wrote about her experience (i.e. this book) was brilliance! I love that TWLOHA was given a shout out and that Olga’s main motivation after her ordeal was to help others. AND Jeremiah 29:11 is one of my favorite verses. We all really do have a HOPE and FUTURE!

Jamie Ayres has written her way into CC’s Favorite Authors Club (which I just started this moment) and I can’t wait to go back and read the other two books (and pray for more work from her). Her About the Author, I kid you not, made me cry. She a soul sister for sure!

Go check her out!


And as always, Happy Reading!



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