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Book Six: The Curse Servant Review


Dorian Lake, a practitioner of Hermetic Arts, makes his living two ways…He’s the owner of several rental properties and he works alongside a campaign manager providing charms and/or hexes to help the good guy politician come out on top.

Everything seems to go along swimmingly, including his morning chats with the coffee waitress, Ches, until he notices a shadowy figure stalking him. Someone like you or I might not pay much heed to the shadows but Dorian is missing something that might keep him safe…his soul.

Things in Dorian’s life begin to take a turn for absolute worse as one psychotic episode turns into three separate possessions, the last one landing inside close family friend Elle, a twelve year old girl. The campaign hits the rocks and his tenants are looking at losing their homes…

Concerned that his mortal is life fading, Dorian continues the search for his soul while fighting against the tides to save Elle, the campaign and the “heart” of the city.

The Curse Servant was a thrill ride that had me turning both the pages of the book and the pages of the internet (for a quick search on the hermetic arts). Dorian is an excellent character with tons of brass and wit, whose softer side is revealed when loved ones are threatened. Each character Dorian meets is just as interesting as the one before and as the story unfolds the pieces fit together in a very surprising way.

I read this book as a stand alone and it works very well that way. BUT there is a book prior to this in which you can learn how Dorian lost his soul. I highly recommend adding both to your to-read list!




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