Book Seven: Keys of Candor- The Red Deaths

Greetings gals and guys! I’ve made it to book 7 and I am hoping that with it comes another gust of increased reading momentum. No, I don’t quite have reason to panic about not reaching my goal, yet, but I reeeeaaaaaallly want to get ahead of the curve. AND I keep meeting new authors every week and adding to my list! Wouldn’t is be AMAZING if I was able to exceed my goal!?

Ok, so I found this book by chance when a new Facebook friend posted the cover. I was sold then and there. The photographer in me was drawn to the cover images immediately and the key banner down the middle really set it off!! In a matter of hours I was very kindly asked what my address was by the authors, yes authors, and was sent a copy (THANKS AGAIN GUYS). It is BEAUTIFUL and I can’t wait to get started!


After forty years of peace, the continent of Candor has once again been plunged into war. Kull Shepherd’s father has been kidnapped, ripped from the burning furnace that was once his home. Willyn Kara’s brother hovers between life and death, poisoned by an unknown assassin. Seam Panderean is the High King of Lotte, the fate of the Realm resting on his shoulders. The destiny of these three are locked, on a course for an unavoidable collision as an ancient evil waits in the shadows, waiting to be freed from its bondage. There is only one hope for peace. The Keeper of the Keys must return.


” We grew up together in the not so busy city of Statesville, NC. Cows, corn fields and dairy farms were abundant. We spent a lot of time playing in those fields, creating imaginary adventures and figuring how we would save the world. Fast forward twenty years and life brought us both back together in the much busier city of Charlotte, NC. The setting has changed but our friendship has remained and has been the driving force behind our new adventure into writing fiction. We hope that our readers enjoy the new worlds we create and have as much fun as we have with them!
As much as we would love to call writing our full-time profession we haven’t been able to quit our day jobs quite yet. Casey fills his days with banking regulations and compliance codes as the Risk Management Administrator at a local bank. Seth’s job keeps him a bit closer to books and story telling as a manager at the Imaginon Library in uptown Charlotte. We are both proud parents and love our kids to death and have the two prettiest wives in the world. We are both very blessed and thankful for the opportunity to share our passion of story telling.
You can check us out and connect at the links below. We would love to hear from you.”
Twitter: @keysofcandor
~ Seth and Casey
I would be genuinely STOKED if you would grab yourselves a copy and go on another adventure with me! I’ve really craved fellow readers to discuss these books with 🙂 🙂 🙂    ***arm twisting***
Happy Reading!

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