Book Eight: Dead New World, Review

Greetings gals and guys! I just finished book eight and LOVED IT! I’m jumping right in to the review so hold on to your hats!


The world is in ruin after the Tribulation (the infection outbreak). If you are in the young adult age bracket and still “alive” you serve in the military. Your daily routine is to go out and annihilate any “dead meat” in your path.

This is where we find our main characters and best friends Holt and Ambrose.

Part of the problem, besides the obvious, in this day and time is an egomaniac dubbed The Reverend who believes the infection is God’s way of choosing the rightful heirs to ruling the World. With an army of both human and “dead meat” he aims to convert the unbelievers and/or destroy those in his path.

On one of the their daily missions Holt and Ambrose find themselves under attack by The Reverend’s most loyal, The Horsemen. They are saved by allies at the last minute and taken to safety but Ambrose has been bitten. And just when you think that is the end of poor Ambrose, he doesn’t turn, well, not completely anyways.

Although being labeled a bio-hazard, Ambrose is allowed to remain in the military, where he and Holt continue their tour of duty.

Months pass…

The threat of The Reverend intensifies as several military bases are all but completely destroyed in a multi fronted attack. Ambrose, Holt and a few other survivors must make their way to the next safe zone, beyond miles and miles of dead meat and continue to evade The Horsemen if they hope to remain alive…

Dead New World is a thrilling “new” take on the zombie apocalypse. The friendship of Holt and Ambrose, weathered by years of living hell, adds welcome comedic relief to what would be an almost hopeless situation. As a native of North Carolina, the East Coast setting and familiarity with terrain only pulled me farther in to the story. The loyalty and dedication of the main characters Holt and Ambrose, rounded out the story with heroics one would only hope to have in a similar situation. DNW was an exciting, quick read and, for me, a great introduction to the work of author Ryan Hill.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to pick your copy and experience Dead New World for yourself!


Happy Reading!


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