Exclusive: Avengers Age of Ultron Mashup Art by Chuck Mullins: Day 2

Greetings gals and guys!!

Our friend and the creator of our fantastic logo, Chuck Mullins, has something pretty cool going on in light of Free Comic Book Day this weekend.

He has put together another one of his Minion Mashup pieces and is allowing US a first hand look it!

Each day, I will be unveiling different character cards, ending with the final product in it’s entirety on Friday, the day the movie is released nationwide.

Take a look at Day 2’s characters:

Go back and check out Day 1 if you missed it


View more of Chuck’s work here http://www.chucksartbox.com/

Connect with him on social media here: @ChucksArtBox on Twitter


***We have a huge announcement Friday that will accompany the reveal of the completed Mashup Art so make sure you STAY TUNED!

Another day closer to Friday!!!


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