Book Eleven: Getting it Right the Second Time Around: Review


If you had a chance to do over your biggest regret, would you take it? When Alison learns the terms of her aunt’s will require that she reverse her life and take the road she rejected six years ago, she has to determine if she can trust herself to make the right decision or if she will be pressured once again to allow someone else to choose for her.

Alison lives a comfortable, safe, life advocating for women at the domestic violence shelter where she works and being bossed around by her cat. When her dynamic Aunt Elinor decides to tie Alison’s inheritance to successfully completing law school, Alison confronts the past that led her to choose love over the law – and lose at both.

As Alison battles through law school admissions, the challenges mount both personally and professionally. Will she sacrifice her dreams again to satisfy her new love, Ryan, and her Aunt Elinor?


     It is hard to know where to start with this delightfully refreshing piece of work. While it’s true my reads have been all over the spectrum, I haven’t swam in the lighter side of the pool that often. I must have subconsciously been ready for the change of pace because I dove into this book and didn’t resurface until I was done with it!

     From the first moments of the book I was drawn to Aunt Elinor. You only get to know her through the letters she leaves her family and in the memories of Alison but I adored her brassy, non-apologetic, tough love attitude. Each chapter I was met with clever quotes from her (some that I made note of for a future kick in the pants). It is easy to the see why she and Alison shared a bond that would continue to aid Alison in the challenges she faces throughout this book.

     Alison…oh Alison…what a great character. A soul so full of love and care that she is serves others before herself, right down to her cat Milky Way. As much as she wanted to be a lawyer, getting involved with Hannah’s House proves more rewarding that even she realizes. Against the odds of lost love and lost dream career, she makes a life for herself that she is proud of. So, I am not surprised when she doesn’t jump at her Aunt Elinor’s offer. She takes her time, while still serving others, to carefully weigh the options placed in front of her…including love.

     Ryan…Ryan, Ryan, Ryan….A terrific love interest. Subtle but persistent, patient, hardworking, understanding, kind. He pursues in a gentle, non stalker way that I really enjoyed. It was like a slower, more realistic version of love at first sight. His appearance didn’t even matter, in fact, I’ve forgotten those descriptions. He’s the kind of guy you want to help you pick up the bag you dropped, bump into over coffee or to trip over you trying to catch a rouge disc in the park.

     I liked that Alison was so invested/focused in her life (the shelter, her elderly landlord, her sick boss) that she doesn’t immediately swoon over Ryan. It takes a little work on both sides and that is the refreshing part of this tale. So many times I read the leading lady so desperate for that touch that she immediately forgets everything and gets lost in the guy. Neither of them are that type of person and KUDOS to that!

     Faith plays a big, though again subtle, roll in this story and I appreciated it so much. As a believer I not only connected to physical challenges that faced the characters but also to their unwavering faith. From the first moments you know where Alison stands on this and it isn’t compromised. I enjoyed very much the way the author wove this spiritual relationship into the story.

     Subtle, transparent consistency wins over boisterous faltering any day!

     I will end any further spoilage here by saying, again, this is a truly great and uplifting read and I encourage you to add it to your reading list right away!


My Favorite Quotes from Elinor Hobbs

What are you waiting for? Go get it already!!

It’s true what they day. It’s not how you handle the easy stuff – the sunshine and roses – that shows your true character. It’s how you handle the bad stuff – the losses and disappointments – that reveal what you’re made of.

What I wanted to teach you is to listen to your own heart. You can be neither happy nor successful if you listen to someone else while ignoring yourself.


Thanks to Darin Kennedy for looking out for a friend and pointing me to this little gem!


Happy Reading! On to book 12!



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