Book Twelve: Poison by Sarah Pinborough

For book twelve I was able to sneak in a copy of Poison: A Wicked Snow White Tale by Sarah Pinborough via our pals at Titan Books (thanks soooooo much!!!)


Once Upon a Time…

In a kingdom far, far away, a handsome prince rescues a beautiful princess from the machinations of her wicked

stepmother, sweeps her onto his white horse and rides off into the sunset.

But in Sarah Pinborough’s wicked retelling of the classic tale, nothing is quite as you remember it….


     A wicked tale indeed. The beloved King is a glutton easily seduced/controlled by the beautiful blonde vixen, Lilith, who has become Snow’s stepmother (only four years older than her). Snow White runs free, more comfortable in a loose shirt/breeches riding on the back of a strong stallion (or skinny dipping in the river) than walking around with her nose stuck in the air, barely able to breathe in a corset.

     The kingdom is a war, therefore the King must leave (much to Lilith’s delight). What was once a bright and peaceful land turns dark and cold as Lilith bonds with her subjects the only way she knows how…through fear. Wanting nothing more than to be ride of her nemesis Snow (after all, the mirror wont shut up about her) she hires a rugged Huntsman to murder her.

      What follows is a twisted tale of lust, love, betrayal, envy, loyalty and loss. There are dwarves, an apple, a Prince and a glass coffin but it is Snow White like you have never read it before. A fairy tale for ADULTS to be sure!! Packaged in beautiful hardback, this book is a must read for anyone looking a little more from their fairy tales.

Pick up your copy here:

Connect with the author here:

Twitter @sarahpinborough


Happy, Wicked, Reading,


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