Geek Art: Stunning “Fear Is The Mind Killer” Print by Miki Montlló

FEAR IS THE MIND KILLER_Detail_by Miki Montlló

Epic Art Prints are proud to release FEAR IS THE MIND KILLER by Miki Montlló, inspired by DUNE and the universe of Frank Herbert’s novels.


Born in 1984 in Spain, Miki Montlló is a freelance illustrator and comic book artist. He is notably known for his collaboration with Sylvain Runberg for the comic book Orbital, and their new comic book series Warship Jolly Roger. Miki has also been working on several animated movies, video games and TV commercials as a storyboarder, background artist, character designer and concept artist. He has been living in Dublin and Berlin and now he is back near Barcelona, currently working on his comics and personal projects. You can discover more of his work on his Facebook page.


• 4 colors screen print (with gold metallic ink)
• White border around the image
• Limited edition of 150
• Size: 46,5 x 61,7 cm
• Printed by Les Belges
• Paper: Fischer Galerie Image 235gsm
• Signed and numbered by the artist (with a certificate of authenticity)


Now on sale!!

Here’s what Miki Montlló had to say about the poster :

“When I got the proposition to choose a fantasy/science fiction poster, I had no doubt: it had to be Dune. The richness and vastness of Frank Herbert’s universe has been interpreted by many different artists in the last decades, and I wanted to explore my own point of view about it. One of the most obvious references was David Lynch’s movie, but I wanted to keep distance from it and stick to the novel. This is why I went through a lot of islamic and ancient art, and I combined it with my comic and animation influences trying to, somehow, transmit part of the mysticism that the novel has. The decision of using gold ink was related to that, I tried to think about how would a design like that look in a temple of a lost ancient culture. Also, the motto was important: “fear is the mind killer”. The protagonist of Dune keeps repeating it during the book, and to me, it is part of the core of the message of Dune.”

Detail shots:

FEAR IS THE MIND KILLER_Detail4_by Miki Montlló

FEAR IS THE MIND KILLER_Detail3_by Miki Montlló

FEAR IS THE MIND KILLER_Detail2_by Miki Montlló

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